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Monday 16 February 2015

Steve's Cooksey's Story - One that Many Diabetics who have discovered the LCHF lifestyle can fully appreciate


These words are Steve Cooksey's, he wrote them on Valentine's Day, February 14th 2015 - you can read more by using the link below.

"Six years ago today I was a diabetes cash cow. Six years ago today was the eve of my diabetes diagnosis or diabetes eve… :) I wouldn’t know that I was diabetic until the next day…

Six years ago today, February 14th 2009 … I was laying on the couch, coughing, wheezing, sucking down Gatorade. Gatorade and sodas were the only thing I could drink. Water tasted strange to me, and seemed to make my lips and mouth swollen (they were not). I was told to keep hydrated … so I continued to drink these sugary substances.

As it would turn out, Gatorade and sweet drinks were the LAST thing I needed.

Suffering from chronic excessive lethargy, severe respiratory illness … I remember it well. Breathing was becoming difficult and at times I could not ‘catch my breath’ … as if I was drowning.

I would inhale and exhale rapidly as if I had run a sprint just to ‘catch my breath’ … laying on the couch. With each of these episodes, the thought crossed my mind that my next breath may be my last; that perhaps next time I would not be able to ‘catch my breath’.

The depth of the misery can not be overstated. I was obese, sickly, extremely lethargic … totally and completely miserable.

On the night of the 14th I told my wife,

“you will have to take me to Urgent Care in the morning and if they can’t help me, take me to the hospital. I am tired of living like this.”

The next day I would go to Urgent Care … and placed in a wheelchair because I could not walk. I didn’t have to worry about going to the hospital.

I was rushed to the hospital via ambulance… where my blood sugar was 740 mg/dl and my A1C was too high to read. I didn’t know it at the time but I was coming close to going into a diabetic coma or ketoacidosis (DKA).



I woke up and while I don’t normally eat breakfast I decided to fix ‘bacon’ and eggs this morning. I do usually have coconut oil and butter in my coffee. :)

After starting the coffee and the bacon and eggs cooking… I weighed. 166 lbs. I’ve been 165 lbs +/- 2 lbs for months. Normal Weight.

Next I tested my blood sugars…. BAM! I love the 70’s!!! And … normal blood sugar for non-diabetics. :)

I am so ALIVE!!!! I truly do THRIVE! … I am not ‘just’ surviving.

Did you see the top right picture? I eat foods like that all the time.

Pork, Poultry, Beef, Eggs… until the berries and higher carb veggies come in season when I will eat a handful of them occasionally. This is my typical daily food plan. Fatty meats, leafy green vegetables, eggs, coconut oil and butter.

… and just so we are clear on this point… I THRIVE!!! : "

Read more of Steve's Story here 

All the best Jan

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Julie said...

Amazing story. Thank you for sharing. Thank you Jan also for stopping by and your kinds comments. I love hearing from you.