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Friday 6 February 2015

Flu vaccine 'barely effective' against main viral strain !

This year's seasonal flu vaccine is barely able to protect people from the main strain of flu being spread in the UK, health officials say.

Doctors are being urged to use antiviral drugs quickly to protect vulnerable patients.

Evidence shows the vaccine is stopping only three out of every 100 vaccinated people from developing symptoms.

But Public Health England says people should still get vaccinated to protect against other strains of flu.

Flu is a constantly shifting target and that makes it difficult to develop a vaccine. It is why a new jab is needed each year.

Twelve months ago, the World Health Organization settled on the three most likely strains of flu that would be circulating this winter.

But one of them has since mutated so significantly that the vaccine seems to offer little protection.

It works in just three out of every 100 people. A flu vaccine normally works in 50 out of every 100.

Full story here. Another case of big pharma nil healthy lifestyle ten.


1 comment:

Lowcarb team member said...

Hi Eddie!

I'm glad I didn't bother with mine last year with stats like that! Hardly any better than a placebo drug although I did hear of many folks complaining of feeling as rough as a Badgers arse after the injection and for what?!