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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Asian Salmon Fillets - A Meal Full of Flavour


How about trying this tasty recipe for a great tasting meal, it works out at approx 9 carbs per serving. It takes about 10 minutes to prepare, 10 minutes to marinade and 10 minutes to cook, a meal ready in 30 minutes that can't be bad.

Ingredients (Serves 4)

480g salmon fillets
1½tbsp soya sauce
1tsp caster sugar
juice of 1 lime
1 red chilli, de-seeded and finely chopped
2cm piece fresh ginger, peeled and very finely chopped
2 cloves garlic, peeled and very finely chopped
1½ tbsp sesame oil
2 red peppers, de-seeded and thinly sliced
200g fresh beansprouts
10g sesame seed


Put the salmon in a non-metallic shallow dish and add 1 tbsp of the soya sauce and all the lime juice. Deseed the chilli, peel the ginger and garlic and chop all the spices very finely - add to the dish. Stir well to combine, cover and leave to marinate for ten minutes.

Meanwhile, heat a non-stick frying pan with half the oil and stir fry the red peppers for 2 minutes on high heat. Stir in the beansprouts for a further minute. Take off the heat and stir in the remaining soya sauce and the sesame seeds, set aside and keep warm.

Heat the remaining oil in a non-stick frying pan, add the salmon fillets and cook over medium high heat for 3 minutes. Turn over, add any marinading juices to the pan and cook for a further 2 minutes or until the salmon is just cooked through. Serve with the beansprout and pepper mixture.

You may also like to serve each portion with some steamed sugar snap peas, or whole fine beans.

Original recipe idea here 

All the best Jan

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