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Sunday 4 October 2015

Boiled Eggs and Cheese Soldiers - The Ultimate LCHF Breakfast

Now how do you like your eggs? Soft and runny, semi soft or perhaps medium? We all seem to like our eggs cooked differently. Now, instead of serving them with 'marmite soldiers', how about taking this eggscellent idea from Libby at Ditch The Carbs and serve an egg with cheese soldiers...

1 egg
50g / 1.8 oz full fat cheese

Place your egg in a saucepan of cold water, cover with a lid and bring the water and eggs to the boil.
Once the water is really boiling and bubbling away, turn the heat off, and place the saucepan (with the water and eggs) to rest away from the heat.
Set your timer and leave your eggs in the saucepan of hot water for the following times.
Soft and runny centre = 4 minutes
Semi soft centre = 6 minutes
Medium = 10 minutes
Hard boiled = 16 minutes
Once your eggs are cooked to your desire, drain the water immediately and either serve hot or run under cold water to be kept in the fridge once totally cooled.

Serving size: 1 egg and cheese soldiers

Calories: 271 Fat: 21.5g Carbohydrates: 1.1g Sugar: 06g Protein: 17.6g

Please see original idea and Libby's site here

What a lovely way to start the day.

All the best Jan


Jo said...

Oh, it's ages since I've had a dippy egg. I only said the other day that I'd have one for breakfast this weekend and then I've gone and forgotten all about it. I'll make more of an effort I think.

Nikki (Sarah) said...

Sounds easy and nice. Happy Sunday, Guys.

Lowcarb team member said...

You can't beat a soft boiled egg, and they are so easy and quick to do.
Perhaps have one (or two) during the week!

All the best Jan

Lowcarb team member said...

Nikki (Sarah)
Thank you so much for your comment.
Enjoy a boiled egg soon!
... happy Sunday

All the best Jan

Siobhan said...

I need to cook up the last of the eggs in the refrigerator; these look yummy. Usually I do hard-boiled so I can do the whole lot at once, but now I'm thinking I just need to grab one or two out of the water early and I can have my soft-boiled. :)

Lowcarb team member said...

Thank you so much for your comment.
Eggs are so handy and so nutritious ... and these cooking / timing tips are handy too!
Enjoy October - I know you've another busy month ahead.

All the best Jan

Lisa said...

Oh I love eggs.
Scrambled, boiled, poached, fried. Just about anyway at all.
I'm going to have a mushroom omlette for tea tonight and I've been looking forward to it since lunchtime!
Lisa x

Lowcarb team member said...

I'm with you on this, I love eggs too ... and there are so many different ways to enjoy them.
Your mushroom omelette sounds very nice!

All the best Jan