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Friday 2 October 2015

Brussels Sprouts : Not Just For Christmas

Brussels sprouts are rich in many valuable nutrients, and not just to be enjoyed at Christmas. These 'mini cabbages' have a nutty, distinct flavour but they are seen as "The quintessential Christmas dinner veg. Brussels sprouts are thought to have been cultivated in Belgium in the 16th century - hence the name. Although they're related to cabbage - they even look like a miniature, compact version - they have a sweet, nutty flavour, which some people can find bitter. They grow in multiple rows along a thick, central stalk.


Brussels sprouts are at their best over the winter months, coming in to season in October and lasting through until March.

Choose the best

Plump, bright green heads (the smaller, the sweeter) with tightly packed leaves. If you can buy them still attached to their long central stalk, so much the better - they'll keep fresh for longer that way.

Prepare it

If the sprouts are still on the stalk, twist each one off, trim any loose, yellow or damaged leaves, wash, then trim the base. Some people cut a cross in the base to make sure they cook evenly but with smaller ones it's not necessary, as it can cause them to go mushy. Larger ones can be cut in half.

To boil, put into a pan with some salt, cover with boiling water, bring back to the boil and cook, covered, for 5-10 minutes. They take 5-10 minutes to steam.

To stir fry, halve or slice finely and cook for about 10 minutes. Sprouts cook very quickly, and if overcooked are quite unpleasant, so test them regularly by piercing with a knife.

Store it

In a dark, cool place or the fridge for four days.

Cook it

Stir fry oil with onions and ginger; add cooked chestnuts at Christmas; boil until al dente (firm to the bite), then quickly pan fry with diced pancetta and chopped garlic."

Above words from here

More Brussels Sprouts recipe ideas coming soon

All the best Jan


Jo said...

My favourite, I absolutely love them.

Cheryl said...

I absolutely love Brussel new ideas with regard to cooking them. I must say I have been known to eat them raw :)

TexWisGirl said...

i don't believe i've ever eaten them.

Gail said...

My husband and I love Brussel sprouts! If there are any left from a meal, they are gone by bedtime. I just walk through the kitchen and eat one! and another.

I always learn so much here, Jan, from all the participants.

Have a glorious weekend. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Brussels sprouts are a favourite. But always nice at Christmas too.

Jenny S

chris c said...

Yup! Had two batches already! The first lot weren't too bad but the second were tiny and I think I overcooked them. Mother had a fetish about never buying them until they'd been frosted, and there's some truth to that, the flavour improves.

Buying them on the stalk is good, more profit for the farmers as well as they stay fresh for longer, so long as you don't keep them where pigeons can eat them

Gingi said...

I love brussels sprouts! My hubby hates them.. but I think they are tasty!! -

Debbie said...

it's all in the cooking!!! i saw a show yesterday that utilized them like cabbage in a salad. it sounded wonderful!!!!

Amy at Ms. Toody Goo Shoes said...

I love brussels sprouts best when they are roasted with olive oil and a little salt and pepper. I also like them chopped into kale salads.

chris c said...

I like them best boiled but not overcooked with an equal number of peeled chestnuts. Preferably with a pheasant roasted wrapped in bacon and a horse mushroom fried in olive oil. Makes a wonderful Christmas dinner, I start practicing in October when the pheasant shooting season starts (any day now, drool)

Lowcarb team member said...

Many thanks to all for your comments, they are so lovely to receive, read and share.

Jo, yes they are one of my favourites too!

Cheryl, can't say I've tried them raw ... but why not!

Theresa, do give them a try if you get the chance.

Gail, it's so good when both hubby and you like the same ... I've just bought some lovely looking sprouts for, which we are looking forward to enjoying. Thank you for your kind comments.

Jenny, sprouts may be enjoyed any time of year - but somehow it wouldn't be Christmas without them!

Chris, two batches already ... Yum! Yes, my mum also said the same about 'frost', and mums always know best! Great to buy them on the stalk if you can ... your visiting pigeons obviously know about great vegetables !!

Gingi, good to know you like them ... could your hubby be persuaded to try them again - perhaps cooked with a little bacon?

Debbie, it definitely is all in the cooking ... I much prefer mine al dente.

Amy, I too like them roasted. I love the idea of chopped Brussels in with kale ...

Chris, now that Christmas dinner sounds good ... makes me feel quite hungry.

Thanks again for ALL your comments.

All the best Jan