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Saturday 3 October 2015 Mr. Panesar aka "The Shiny White Teeth" big numbers and drug trial recruitment.

First I must state I am in awe of Mr. Panesar's teeth, I am not alone, other forum of flog members, and ex members feel the same way. Unfortunately that is where the admiration ends. Ever noticed how you never get a straight answer from the spin and BS merchants. It seems to me Mr. Panesar boss of DCUK lives in a world of fantasy. It is my opinion, people like him believe if they spin a line for long enough, it will eventually become reality. Look at the numbers the flog spouts, every time you look the numbers get bigger, I found the screen shot below yesterday.

First it was the "largest diabetes forum in the UK" then the "largest diabetes forum in Europe" now it ls soon to be the "largest diabetes forum in the World" How long before 'the teeth' is telling us we are the largest diabetes forum in the known Universe. Meanwhile everyone with a half functioning brain, knows the number of members quoted is complete and utter codswallop. It might make "the teeth" feel good, but sure isn't fooling potential advertisers. Hence the star attractions are the free meal plan book, a guinea pig for drug trials exercise, and the win a free meter competition, no one ever lost.

I think Mr. Panesar prefers banned members, far less grief for his toe the party line numbskull mods. The worst case scenario for the forum of flog, is a member who can think, and see through the subterfuge and is a low carber. He can't flog them a thing, and what would a low carber need with forum of flog money making  drug trials. Only yesterday, banned low carbing flog members, who still make up the members list, received an invitation for diabetes trials. And check out the less than stunning results from members on the type two testing program 0.9 mmol, as mentioned in the sales mailshot. Low carbers (before being banned) were reporting up to a full 6% mmol reduction in HbA1c. Achieved very often by diet alone, and sometimes, some very cheap and long term tested Metformin.

I wonder how keen Mr. Panesar would be up for testing big pharma's latest failed science experiment on himself. That being said, I would not mind seeing how he reacted to a shot of sodium pentothal aka the truth serum.

BTW One week on and I have received no reply from Mr. Panesar regarding my second open letter to him which can be read here. It would appear asking a straight
 question to Mr. Panesar is like waiving a cross at a vampire.




chris c said...

Spot the typo, surely you mean a 6% reduction in A1c?

Meanwhile on the ADA Forum where almost no-one was ever banned (though admittedly I haven't looked at it recently as it got far too big to keep up with) you could routinely see 5% - 8% improvements in A1c and sometimes over 10%. Yes, people with an A1c over 15% getting into the 5% Club.

At the same time the official ADA diet claimed a maximum of something like 2% reduction. Go figure.

It's happening all over the world, and it's happening despite (most) doctors and dieticians, not because of them.

Lowcarb team member said...

Thanks Chris sorted.

Thanks for all your comments and support.


Roses and Lilacs said...

I've always wondered about joining one of those studies. It would be interesting.