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Saturday 3 October 2015

Into the 90's, and a Simple Style Chicken and Bacon Caesar Salad

Chicken & bacon Caesar salad

Well I did article's on the 60's, 70's and 80's so why not the 90's. If you missed my earlier posts just click on the numbers for the relevant decade. You will find tasty recipes and a little about that particular decade.

But on with the 90's ... 

The 90's introduced us to Chicken and Bacon Caesar Salad, pictured above, and here is a lovely easy and simple style recipe idea.

Serves Two
4 rindless streaky bacon rashers
225g bag ready-to-eat Caesar salad (which includes croûtons, dressing)
1 ripe avocado

2 cooked chicken breasts, any skin and bones removed

1. Stir fry the bacon in a frying pan for 2-3 minutes on each side. Remove, then sprinkle the croûtons into the fat in the pan and toss over a medium heat for a minute or two to give them flavour and crisp them up.
2. Divide the leaves between 2 plates. Halve an avocado and dig out the stone; peel and cut into chunks and scatter over the leaves. Tear the chicken into pieces on top. Finally, snap the bacon into chunky pieces over the chicken and top with the croûtons.
3. Drizzle the dressing over the whole salad and finish with a good dusting of parmesan and a grind of pepper.

Hope you may enjoy this for lunch one day soon ...

But what about the 90's?

Well - many were trying hard to cook restaurant style meals at home and popular on UK TV were the programmes 'MasterChef' and 'Food and Drink'.

Music was provided by The Spice Girls and also Oasis and Blur proved to be very popular.

What about footwear? It was the era of the trainer and they came into their own. Instead of purely being sportswear they were now a fashion essential and prices for them rocketed to suit! 

Friends was popular on TV and films such as The Silence of The Lambs, Jurassic Park, The Shawshank Redemption, The Matrix and Toy Story were all popular cinema showings.

Onto cuteness now, and who could forget Beanie Babies ...

Or the Furbeys ...

Technology, and did you have one of these in your house?

The Nintendo N64 pictured above was great for playing Super Mario Kart

or perhaps you had a Gameboy, gaming at its finest, with a three-inch screen

But at the end of the decade when 1999 passed into 2000 ... many were out celebrating and also hoping the 'Millennium Bug' would not affect our computer systems ... it didn't, and we passed into 2000... more on the 2000's coming soon!

In the meantime I hope you've enjoyed the mix of news, events and recipe idea, and if you get to make a Chicken and Bacon Caesar Salad soon enjoy it!

Cheers ...

... All the best Jan


Anonymous said...

Yes, I can remember everyone being very worried about the Millennium bug, many thought the world was coming to an end.
Recipe does look an easy one, especially using a pre packed salad.


Roses and Lilacs said...

Love salads. I believe I'll have one like that for dinner. I remember the millennium fear. I'm an accountant and everyone was worried even though most experts and common sense told us our data wasn't just going to go poof and disappear. Ah, good times:)

Lowcarb team member said...

Nona - many thanks for your comment.
That Millennium Bug was a worry at the time, there was a lot of press coverage about it too!
Glad you liked the salad suggestion.

As it's Sunday, when I type this, may I wish you a Happy one.

All the best Jan

Lowcarb team member said...

'R&L'- many thanks for your comments, always nice to receive them.
Yes, for some folks and Accountants this 'Bug' worry did seem to cause quite a headache...but we didn't all go poof after midnight!
Enjoy your salad.

...have a good week ahead.

All the best Jan

chris c said...

I try to ignore the nineties, I got married, and divorced. The worst millennium bug I recall was when my mother was hit by a falling firework on Millennium Eve. Quite astonishing, although it was foggy all the firework dispays made it sound and look like Beirut on a bad day.

Lowcarb team member said...

Chris - it's always good to receive your comments.
Sometimes, I guess it can be best to 'forget' a decade, although in ten years there is always good and bad for all!

There were some marvelous firework displays that New Years Eve - and I do always worry where all these fireworks are going to land ... not good for your mother.

... I guess the way the weeks are going it will not be long 'til fireworks are once more readily available in our shops for Bonfire Night on 5 November, the year is going too fast!

All the best Jan