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Wednesday 25 May 2016

British Dietetic Association and Diabetes UK issue new Eatwell Guide.

After years of promoting a lamentable high carb low fat diet to diabetics, the British Dietetic Association and Diabetes UK issue a new Eatwell Guide. An unnamed DUK source stated "The gigs up, we've been outed, the days of easy big pharma money are over" BDA spokesperson Candy Galore clearly distressed, and sobbing uncontrollably croaked "we can say goodbye to our free supply of Belvita biscuits now, why did we have to change the wonderful Eatwell guide" DUK press officer Lard Goody went on to say "this had to happen sometime, and with all the success diabetics are having with low carb higher fat diets, it's a wonder we got away with the low fat high carb scam for so long"

So, the big pharma junk food Ponzi scheme is coming to an end. Looks like countless millions of diabetics face a much healthier future, the future is bright, the future is meat and four portions of low starch veg. Looks like Dr.Richard Bernstein has been right all along.

The Sun

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Anonymous said...

Bloody brilliant lol. But I will have the steak and egg please,


Anonymous said...

Like fine wine Eddie you get better with age. Great blog.

Anonymous said...

The National Obesity Forum are sponsored by Big Pharma and the meat and dairy industry as many have suggested, the manufacturers of statins welcome high fat consumers into their fold. High carb low fat vegans can sod off, their cholesterol levels are rock bottom anyway so no market there. Good work Malhotra,Kendrick and Harcombe,very sneaky good work.

Lowcarb team member said...

The more the fat the better the HDL and trigs for almost all the people I know, no statins for our crew.


Anonymous said...

With the increasing number of dietitians worldwide coming out and stating that the Low-Fat diet were a 'huge fail', doesn't this make our current dietetic workforce look pretty stupid?

And yet high profile dietitians spend their time on twitter rubbishing non-dietetic souls with slogans of 'trust a dietitian' ???

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I'm very interested in this chart! I feel so much better when I have enough lean protein in my diet. I already include lots of fresh fruits and veggies...and dairy products. I can't eat sugar at all so that helps me stay healthy, I'm sure! Thanks for the info!