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Thursday 26 May 2016

Keep it simple, because simple works.

I have often wondered why there has been so much opposition to low carbohydrate diets by so many organisations. From the ADA, the NHS, and our largest diabetes charity DUK. Many individual diabetics and healthcare professionals fight against low carb at every opportunity. The ADA and DUK are tentatively changing their stance and begrudgingly approving low carbing but only for a year. Why did it take them so long? Why not a use a low carb higher fat diet permanently? I think I know the answer, low carbing is too simple, and costs big pharma, junk food and so many vested interests big money.

Every now and again someone comes along with something so simple, we find it almost unbelievable. How many of us would have thought of the clock work radio, an idea so simple most of us would have thought it was an April fools joke. It is very simple and it works. Very often when we are given a very simple solution to a problem we do not accept it. All to often we think, no, it can't be right, if it was that easy it would have been discovered years ago. With me so far? a classic example.

Some time ago I watched a documentary about children with club feet. A very simple technique was invented by a Dr. Ignacio Ponseti in 1950, instead of using surgery, he developed a technique for treating babies with club feet in a very simple way. He realised that a babies feet are very flexible and he makes simple plaster casts and simply bends the foot into the correct shape and lets the cast set. The established medical world and many Surgeons did not want to know and regarded Ponseti as a dangerous maverick.

50 years on, it is successful 95% of the time, and universally accepted as the gold standard treatment. Since 2000 it has been used in main stream club foot treatment. Very cost effective and does not need the skill of a Surgeon to perform. Why did it take 50 years to become accepted, easy, it was far too simple. Oh, did I mentioned it is very cost effective, but costs many medical professionals big money in lost fees. Can't have that can we.

I know of another man like Ignacio Ponseti his name is Dr. Richard Bernstein. He too has battled the establishment for a very long time and his ideas are not accepted by all diabetes organisations and diabetics, why? you know the answer to that question already, too simple. And costs big pharma a fortune in lost medication sales.

We all know simple works, simple, healthy, fresh and fulfilling food. Minimal or no medication and some moderate exercise, it works and keeps on working. Every time we test our BG, every HbA1c test, proves it works, it really is so simple. The problem with simple is there is no money to be made. There is far less profit for food suppliers and supermarkets selling fresh meat and vegetables. The big profits are in sweets, confectionery, ready meals, baked products and other factory made junk. With low carbing, medication is almost always reduced, very often drastically and many type 2 diabetics require no medication at all. 

Spread the word, keep it simple, because simple works.


Link to the great Ignacio Ponseti here.

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