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Saturday 7 May 2016

Carbsane AKA Evelyn Kocur 0 Dr. Michael Eades 10

Kocur's raison d'être appears to be the rubbishing of everybody from A to Z in the low carb and Paleo community. Question her on her blog and you are banned, comment on her twitter account and you are blocked. As mentioned in my post yesterday, Kocur lost a great deal of weight by low carbing (as evidenced on her Jimmy Moore podcast), but she did not stay low carbing and the weight piled back on, and she returned to being heavily over weight, she has said this has been the case for most of her adult life.

Low carbing had failed her, therefore it was a complete crock, the promoters of low carb were liars, charlatans and snake oil salesman. Never mind, she decided to spend the rest of her clearly miserable life, together with a small cabal of other embittered failures, trashing the salvation of countless millions of people. It is my opinion she is a complete head-case, and I have steered well clear of her quagmire of a blog for some time. But then we received this anonymous comment two days ago.

"Looks like the low carb insulin hypothesis is about to be relegated to the dustbin of history Eddie. Garry Taubes's NuSi study backed by millions of dollars of cash has just disproved his and Atkins own theories. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot! You called Carbsane a nutter but what she's been saying for years has just been validated by the NuSi study created by Taubes and Attia. Waiting for Graham to announce this result seeing as he denies been a cherry picker"

I stated yesterday I had not read the aforementioned study, in fact I had never even heard of it, until that anonymous comment came in to this blog. Clearly the comment had been posted by Carbsane or one of her hide in the shadows vultures. Maybe it was her most vocal and grovelling of sycophantic toadies Charles 'grizzly' Grashow.

Check out the great Dr. Michael Eades blog here, and you will see the negative comment was based on a short video, and Dr.Eades comprehensively destroys the assumptions made in the comment sent in to us and the video. How ironic the first person ever to be blocked from Michael's blog, yes you've guessed it, was Grizzly Grashow, Kocur's chief henchman

"So, you, my friend, are going to be the recipient of the award for being the first person I’ve ever blocked from my blog. I would hate to have the responsibility of exposing you to any information that would be useless" Posted by Michael in the comments section here.

The video the low carb and keto antis are so excited about, I am wondering did these two guys spend too much time in the bar before this interview. Because as Michael says, it makes no sense whatsoever, come to think of it, neither does Carbsane and co.



Blind Pugh said...

Well I think Evelyn is rather dishy, you people should get your eyes tested.

There are none so blind as those who cannot see.

Blind Pugh

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