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Tuesday 3 May 2016

Sweet and Salt-Cured Salmon with Scrambled Eggs and Chives

Meet Swedish chef Birgitta Höglund who is featured on Diet Doctor site and also has a popular low carb/Paleo recipe blog, with more delicious recipes.

She writes ... "Occasionally, you just want to have something quick and simple. However, this doesn’t mean you have to skimp on nutrition and flavor, which makes scrambled eggs with a side of cured salmon a great choice for a healthy light meal. The fat and protein from the fish and eggs will keep you satiated and happy for a long time."

Sounds good to me, and looks good to, doesn't it ...

1 serving
2 large eggs
2 tablespoons butter
2 fl. oz. (50 ml) heavy whipping cream
1 tablespoon chives, chopped
1–3 slices of cured salmon
Salt and pepper

Recipe instructions can be seen at Diet Doctor site here

Cured salmon is raw salmon that has been cured (preserved) by some combination of fermentation, pickling, or smoking before it is eaten. Recipes exist from many cultures stretching from the people of early to modern Scandinavia to the Native Americans.

The process of curing fish has been around for a significant amount of time as it has been used as a way to preserve fish from spoiling. The process usually involves an abundance of salt or sugar even sometimes both. A dry rub is mixed together using salt/sugar and an assortment of desired herbs. This is rubbed onto the surface of the salmon, which is then put aside for a number of hours or days. The salt/sugar "cooks" the fish by drawing a large amount of liquid out and replacing it with salt/sugar mixture. At the end of the process the result is cured salmon.

Details about cured salmon from here

Bon Appetit

All the best Jan


Tom said...

I need to try this.

Jo said...

I'm not a lover of salmon but I do like scrambled eggs, in fact, I love all eggs.

Anonymous said...

Lovely recipe - thank you Jan! I still marvel at how wonderful your website is! I must grab a tea or coffee with you, Eddie and Graham one day and shake your hand! What a wonderful, refreshing and delightful website this is! Thank you so much for the time you spend posting and researching and helping so many, Kath xxx

Birgitta Höglund said...

Thanks for sharing my recipe, Jan :)

eileeninmd said...

The eggs and salmon, looks delicious. Thanks for sharing the recipe. Enjoy your day and the week ahead!

Dorrit said...

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Dorrit said...

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Lisa said...

I was very keen to try salmon but I didn't want to buy any in case I didn't like it, so I ended up trying it at my cousin's wedding! Didn't like it so I'm glad I didn't spend money on it!
Give me scrambled eggs any day of the week, yummy.
Lisa x

Debbie said...

Salmon is about the only fish I don't like. But the picture of the food is so pretty and colorful!!

Carla from The River said...

Another yummy recipe. Thank you!

Bob Bushell said...

Yum yum.

Lowcarb team member said...

Many thanks to you all for your lovely comments

Tom - hope you may give this a try

Jo - scrambled eggs are good any time of the day!

Kath - thanks for your lovely comments. The kettle is always on!

Birgitta - so pleased to share your recipe here, and I will also highlight some more soon.

Eileen - it is a lovely recipe both in looks and taste!

Dorrit -You very kindly left a comment here with a link to your blog. I did go over to visit your blog but it is in Swedish. Have you got a translate button option on your blog - I couldn't see it.

Lisa - we can't all like salmon but pleased to hear you are a scrambled eggs fan.

Debbie - I agree the picture is great isn't it. Just enjoy your scrambled eggs ...they are so nutritious.

Carla - pleased you liked the recipe suggestion

Bob - 'Yum yum' describes this well

Thanks once again
Bon Appetit

All the best Jan

Kezzie said...

It's funny but I don't like Smoked salmon UNLESS it comes with Scrambled eggs!!!!!

Lowcarb team member said...

Hi Kezzie
...well in our house salmon and eggs are so often served together!

Many thanks for your comment

All the best Jan