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Friday 6 May 2016

Carbsane AKA Evelyn Kocur gets mentioned in dispatches.

Yesterday we received this anonymous (the negative posters always are) comment on the '20-stone mum lost half her body weight joins the low carbers' post.

"Looks like the low carb insulin hypothesis is about to be relegated to the dustbin of history Eddie. Garry Taubes's NuSi study backed by millions of dollars of cash has just disproved his and Atkins own theories. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot! You called Carbsane a nutter but what she's been saying for years has just been validated by the NuSi study created by Taubes and Attia. Waiting for Graham to announce this result seeing as he denies been a cherry picker."

I have not read the study referred to, but I will. Clearly this person is a Carbsane fan. Some background on Carbsane, who is arguably the worlds leading expert on what does not work, but offers absolutely nothing of use to people looking to control their diabetes or get to a safe weight.

For those residing in the UK and have never heard of the Carbsane blog, run by a morbidly obese woman called Evelyn Kocur, let me bring you up to speed. She has spent years rubbishing lowcarb and paleo. Working with a small bunch of kneecap suckers, her main target is the American blogger Jimmy Moore. Evelyn had dedicated her life to stalking Jimmy 24/7. Day after day, week after week, she has spent a huge amount of time writing about Jimmy. To say she is obsessed is an understatement, check her out. Some time ago, she went onto  Amazon giving the world the benefit of her acumen. The big problem for Evie is while others have lost weight, she stays obese and clearly very bitter.

She must know, she would have some credibility if she could get to a safe weight, but she can’t, and probably never will. The big question for me is, if she has all this knowledge, why can’t she get to a safe weight, let’s face it, loosing weight is hardly rocket science. It’s my opinion the problem for Evie is between her ears. So many times in life I have met a well educated, on first impression, impressive individual, but closer observation reveals there is not much going on up-stairs (and a long time MD agrees with me). She can talk the talk, but cannot walk the walk. But, all is not lost, a Doctor contacted Carbsane and offered her help. Check out this post from Dr. Bill Wilson, a small town family practice doctor, working in Northern Minnesota for more than 30 years, with a long standing interest in neuroscience.

"After spending a lot of time in the world of low carb and Paleo, I can’t imagine how I missed her. The “her” is an anonymous blogger who calls herself CarbSane. The other day I was preparing to write an Amazon review on Jimmy Moore’s excellent new book “Cholesterol Clarity—What the HDL is Wrong With My Numbers?” The review is still in the works but trust me, I will give the book five stars. I was perusing some of the other reviews when I came across the review written by CarbSane. She not only trashed the book, but also she managed to literally chew Jimmy up and spit him out! She then went on to trash many people who contributed to the book including Gary Taubes, Mark Sisson, Dr. Fred Pescatore, Dr. William Davis and a long list of other people who I respect. She rated the book 2 stars but then went on to say it really deserved a 1 star. Out of 36 reviews there were only three that weren’t 4 or 5 stars so CarbSane’s review really stuck out like a sore thumb.

I decided to do a little research on CarbSane. I visited her web site and read through some of her ranting and rambling blog posts. The pattern was the same—if someone from the low carb or Paleo world pokes their head out of a foxhole, she blasts them with both barrels. The purpose of this blog post isn’t to challenge CarbSane’s positions on diet and health because a long list of people smarter than me has already done so. What caught my attention was CarbSane herself. 

I became fascinated with her because I immediately recognized that she fits the pattern of someone with a treatable disease and as a practicing physician with over 35 years of experience, this is what I do. I try to figure out what is wrong with people—in other words I diagnose them and then give them advice on how to fix the problem.

CarbSane, the good news is that there is hope for you. You have a treatable disease and I have a great deal of experience managing complex patients like yourself. In the past you tried various diets in an attempt to lose weight and things stalled out and you didn’t feel good or lose more weight. That’s because you don’t understand the disease that is destroying your health and quality of life. Contact me and I will guide your treatment protocol at no cost."

So, there you have it folks. Did the font of all dietary knowledge call the good Doctor, will we soon be seeing a slim-line Evie, does she want help? My money is on her making Dr. Bill Wilson a target for the Carbsane treatment. It is my opinion Kocur
 is one wave short of a shipwreck! If you have the time or suffer from insomnia, check her out on the Jimmy Moore podcast. She explains how the only time she lost a shed load of weight, was by low carbing, but alas she piled it back on, because she started using "cheats" and could not keep away from Lindt chocolates.

So many times along this low carb journey, I have heard people say it can't be done or it does not work. When what they mean is I can't do it.


Link to the full Dr. Bill Wilson post here.  Post edit. I checked the Bill Wilson link twice today and it worked. Since making this post it now appears to be broken or the entire post removed from Bill's blog. As I often say, the Lard works in mysterious ways.

Link to the Carbsane Jimmy Moore podcast here.


JanKnitz said...

Here's Jason Fung's take on the NuSi study. It's toward the end of his discussion of the Biggest Loser study.

His take is that the ketogenic study DID show a metabolic advantage to low carb, just not the one expected. Instead of some magic that permits keto dieters to lose more weight while consuming more calories, what it showed is any caloric reduction on keto (which is natural and thanks to the satiety factor, not scrupulous calorie counting) did not cause the same slowing of the metabolism as restricted calorie diets. It is the metabolic slowing from calorie restriction which ultimately defeats low calorie (high carb) dieters. Even if they successfully lose weight in the short term, the metabolism slows to return the body to its former weight.

I haven't seen the study yet, but Carbinsane is not the only vulture circling and proclaiming ketogenic diets are dead. And there's a particular vitrol to these early commentators--they've been waiting for this opportunity. The only fly in their ointment is the reality that it works so well for so many, whatever the explanation turns out to be.

Lowcarb team member said...

Thanks for your comment JanKnitz.

The advantages of a keto diet for diabetics and pre diabetics are enormous as millions have proved. This study was on 17 people over 8 weeks I am told. I will blog on this study when time permits.


Galina L. said...

Great news, does it mean that no one gets fat any longer from insulin injections while eating "normal food"?

Lowcarb team member said...

Galina L. saidmed...
Great news, does it mean that no one gets fat any longer from insulin injections while eating "normal food"?

It's common knowledge that Type 2 insulin users gain weight without any increase in calories, in a different scenario obese Type 1's who carb up and shoot up gain weight but it's the extra insulin and not the calories. Before insulin was available they would lose weight and die no matter how many calories they consumed