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Wednesday 18 May 2016

Let's celebrate gluttony, morbid obesity and death.

If ever you needed some encouragement, to eat home cooked meals, made from whole fresh foods, this is the video for you. The owner tries to BS us he is trying to promote a healthy message, in reality he must know so many people are addicted to junk food. Some people cannot stop eating, it's a very serious addiction, which is killing countless people. People over 350lb eat for free, and heart attacks for the customers are almost celebrated. The fatter the customers get, the fatter the grill owners wallet gets. Eddie


Anonymous said...

That child near the end COULD NOT have eaten that burger could he?
GROSS is the word GROSS.

To think that mans wallet is getting fatter with this idea makes me so mad.


Bob Bushell said...

I agree with Judy, shame on you.

Bob said...

Jimmy Moore low carb cruise?

Lowcarb team member said...

Bob said "Jimmy Moore low carb cruise?"

I say Carbsane and Sian Porter BDA Spokesperson


Heidi said...

unglaublich das es so was gibt .
LG heidi

Tara said...

Talk about greed and avarice. Who believes this guy is selling education to people on what NOT to eat? I call B.S. This is the worst excess taken past the extreme. We place limits on cigarettes and alcohol for health reasons -- why not this kind of food?

Gail said...

I've seen this on TV. At least people go in open eyed to risk. In a round about way, the owner may be helping people become more aware while he's getting richer. On sweets I like to think the chocolate cancels out the sugar.

Jan, I think I just wanted to use the term Presumptive Nominee. Hubby is good about helper but I am the self appointed leader.

Boredom was an affliction I never had again.

In some paint stores you have to ask...but they do have them now and then.

Thanks so much for visiting. Have a very blessed and healthy week.

Adam said...

While I do like the nurse waitresses, that's really a bad idea. Especially as he had people die there before.

Anonymous said...

The name of the place comes from the copious amount of meat in their servings, you could hardly call somewhere the heart attack grill because of the burger buns that have three pounds of beef betwixt their two halves!

Anonymous said...

NOT Carbsane Eddie, unlike you and Jimmy she believes in CICO,so obviously she does not approve of gluttony (unless someone wants to put on weight)

Lowcarb team member said...

"Anonymous said...
NOT Carbsane Eddie, unlike you and Jimmy she believes in CICO,so obviously she does not approve of gluttony (unless someone wants to put on weight)"

When have we ever said, if you are low carbing you can eat as much as you lik,e and not put on weight? Regarding Carbsane and her stance on CICO, and her admission of being morbidly obese most of her adult life, we can only draw one logical conclusion. She clearly is consuming far too many calories, and cannot maintain self control when it comes to food intake.

Now, lets talk about CICO, and why a calorie is not just a calorie for hundreds of millions of people. Do you think 300 calories, say from full sugar coke, has the same effect on a diabetic, as 300 calories obtained from a portion of fish or chicken, served with veg or salad, because if you do, you have much to learn.

Close the door on the way out please, thank you.


Anonymous said...

Come on Eddie, you could be a daily customer at the Heart Attack Grill and actually lose weight,tell them to ditch the burger buns and tomato slices, keep the cheese slice between each of those six half pounders, perhaps replace the buns with field mushroom caps,get rid of the shake or coke and replace with bullet proof coffee, and hey presto!!! Magic, you lose weight instead of gaining by a few simple switches! According to your guru Taubes it's only carbs that make you fat, so no problem.Magic (beats science every time).

Lowcarb team member said...

Back again negative anon. Tell me,why do people like you, with nothing to offer, always skulk in the shadows? Is it fear? Educate me, why is it the know it all Carbsane cannot get to safe weight? surely a person of your stunning intellect must have the answer.

Now, if you intend to comment again, enthral me with your acumen, or at least give me a laugh.

Do you know, you have that miscreant retard, grizzly Grashow, written all over your comments. What a strange boy he is. I heard he overdosed on testosterone injections (trying to grow a pair) but you can't always believe what read on the internet.


Lowcarb team member said...

Anonymous said...
NOT Carbsane Eddie, unlike you and Jimmy she believes in CICO,so obviously she does not approve of gluttony (unless someone wants to put on weight)

She may not approve of gluttony but she certainly practices it, one things for sure unlike Jimmy you will never see a recent photo of her.

As a skinny T2 for over eight years I'm eating more calories on low carb but struggling to maintain weight which was not a problem on the standard low fat high carb diet that should not happen according to CICO

As far as CICO and and carbsane go it's crap in and crap out of her mouth, one things for sure though her knowledge of the real world of diabetes is zilch