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Monday, 2 February 2015

DCUK aka The Gulag aka The Flog does the skulduggery ever end ?

Meanwhile back at the Gulag

Over at the forum of flog, members voice concerns about information going to the flog's facebook page. Members ask too many straight questions, get bluffed off, and the thread is locked and sinks into oblivion.

Changes are made on the forum and new thread starts called 'New Forum Improvements' a members post to the forum admin on the new thread "Yes, the linking of threads to Facebook. This has been discussed on another thread but still awaiting reply. Thanks" admin replies "Hi danny - this thread is only for dealing with technical issues."

This is code for, we will do what we like with your posts and if you don't like it you a can f**k off.

Another member posts.

"I was going to PM you about this but decided it should be said publicly.
As you know we had a thread (now closed) re the linking of threads to Facebook. Several of us expressed a dislike of this practice. I understand that you personally are not in control of what happens on Facebook and accept this.

I would like to say that I find the new practice of displaying the new profile posts so publicly on the forum home page now to be disturbing: several of us complained because we didn't like Facebook, now the forum has become more like Facebook! That seems like a kick in the teeth for those of us who expressed our opinion on that closed thread (who together have posted many thousands of messages on this forum)."

Danny posts.

"Totally agree. Very disappointing end to a very informative thread. Basically it says we understand many members are unhappy be we are unwilling to deal with it so lock it and hope it goes away. We were promised that Giverny and Admin were dealing with this."

Will the members get a straight answer? Are the forum "Improvements" beneficial to the members? are the "improvements" further marketing ploys to further the commercial aims of the flog?  is more skulduggery going on? 

We need to be told! The way to the Gulag is here.


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