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Sunday, 1 February 2015

DCUK Forum The truth, the whole truth, anything but the truth !

This item was emailed to me from a member of DCUK yesterday, who for obvious reasons wants to remain anonymous. The words below were posted by forum member Jane Watt. Her post was almost immediately deleted. At the time of deletion two mods were logged in, Ian and Catherinecherub. I am sure Ian would never have deleted this post, he is a man of the highest integrity, draw your own conclusions. Jane very clearly describes the duplicity and underhandedness that has become the hallmark of DCUK over the years. Yet again we see corrupt mods running the forum in a totally dishonest way. Banning, thread locking and deleting members posts, to hide their own spiteful prejudices and outright dishonesty. Eddie

"I recently resigned as Moderator. i was waiting some sort of “official” response 
before setting out the basis for my decision. However I’ve just been re-graded 
without comment!

I didn’t know where to start this Thread- under what Forum it might come. I 
thought of Introductions and Greetings, but did feel that’s where Newcomers 
might go first and I don’t want them to be faced with this!
But I did want explain my actions. i had thought there might be some sort of 
announcement I could respond to, but there’s been no response from any 

The reasons are many but the basis is the fact there’s no Moderator “team”. 
There’s very little discussion and a very “high-handed” way of dealing with 
issues. I imagine most of the “team work” goes on as PMs.

I wanted to be a Moderator because I have skills, qualifications and long 
experience in helping people to communicate respectfully and clearly with one 
another. I don’t post often because I believe to many posts can be overwhelming. 
I do use the “Like” button quite a lot and some of the Games.

I understand there are long standing issues with the past and another Forum – 
i’ve had a look at, but don’t want to be involved with that enmity.

All the Bans etc are beyond me. Naturally, I do feel some of the disrespect and 
rude terms used on the few “comments” posts that show discussion on the 
Moderators’ Forum are out of order. We should not be jumping on certain members 
when we allow other “respected” ones to post harmfully (in my opinion).

Some Moderators can be very patronising towards members and other posters.

We should be respectful in our language towards others and I wanted to help 
achieve this.

There is little “transparency” in the hierarchy here and I felt that I could not 
be seen as being in agreement with all Moderation actions, especially those that 
hadn’t been “discussed”.

It’s complex to try to use technology to provide a human resource. We should be 
wary about how we do this. Just because we use old words (eg. chat) for newer 
actions, it doesn’t make it the same thing. It’s very difficult to start using 
writing to convey what would have been done in speech in the past. I’d hoped I 
might be able to help Members achieve this kindly. A new Moderator rule recently 
introduced involves making a certain number of posts – I don’t think this tick 
box approach is appropriate in such a “human” environment. The “like” button is 
very helpful to add support to a response to a new poster, when they may feel 
overwhelmed by the number of eager to help posts from Members.

I will continue you to be a member and act as before. I believe in openness, 
honesty, respect and responsibility. Thank you to all members who daily share 
generously share their experience with us all.


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