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Monday 12 October 2015

The Oxford Health Alliance another big pharma junk food shill.

If I tried to convince you, everyone needed a semi-automatic handgun, or a Kalashnikov assault rifle would make an ideal Christmas present for your child, you might just smell a rat. Especially if my name was Edward Glock or Eddie Kalashnikov, a bit too obvious yes, I couldn't possible be biased could I. Let me assure you there is never anything obvious in the world of dietary information, especially when type two diabetes is involved. Checking out a newly released paper today, from the official sounding outfit called The Oxford Health Alliance, a so called charity whose subterfuge is certainly up to the best Black OP's outfits. Pam Dyson CEO of The Oxford Health Alliance finished the paper titled "Low Carbohydrate Diets and Type 2 Diabetes: What is the Latest Evidence?" which can be read here with and I quote.

"Recent studies suggest that low carbohydrate diets appear to be safe and effective over the short term, but show no statistical differences from control diets with higher carbohydrate content and cannot be recommended as the default treatment for people with type 2 diabetes."

The paper stated "Pamela Dyson declares that she has no conflict of interest" Yet a swift Google around and I find the "charity" is funded by all the usual suspects and many from big pharma and junk food.

The Oxford Health Alliance (OxHA)* has received funding from the following:

Novo Nordisk A/S (core funding) PepsiCo Foundation (funding for four sites of the Community Interventions for Health initiative) and American Cancer Society ASDA Australian Department of Health and Ageing BUPA Cancer Council Australia) Diabetes Australia Halsnæs Municipality (Denmark) Heart Foundation (Australia) Johnson & Johnson Kissmann Langford Medical Benefits Fund  Australia (MBF) Medical Research Council (UK) Medtronic NestlĂ© New South Wales Health Department Novo Nordisk (Australia) Novo Nordisk (UK) Ovations Chronic Disease Initiative PepsiCo Stroke Foundation (Australia) Sudler & Hennessey University of Sydney. Information from here.

The $64000 question must be, how much money can an organisation or CEO of said organisation receive, before it becomes a "conflict of interest" situation. Pamela states "Recent studies suggest that low carbohydrate diets appear to be safe and effective over the short term, but show no statistical differences from control diets with higher carbohydrate content" Would these be the higher carb diets pushed by Black OP's organisations, that has lead to 93% of UK type one diabetics failing to get to a safe HbA1c and over 50% of type two diabetics in the same lamentable situation (NHS Audited diabetes stats). Using what I call the diet of slow death for diabetics, promoted by the Black OP's outfits. We have a massive amount of dietary data pushed by those on the big pharma junk food payola payroll. The carb up and shoot up approach they promote has failed totally, the Black OP's paymasters have been fined £billions for dishonesty and bribery and corruption. Big pharma type two medications have an extremely poor record in reducing blood glucose levels in diabetics, and some banned for killing people. Many have not been subjected to long term open information trials.

The bottom line. If Pamela Dyson truly believes a low carb diet using a wide range of whole fresh foods, ate by man since the beginning of time, cannot be recommended for type two diabetics, and a high carb diet and big pharma meds is the best way forward, she is clearly out to lunch. The next question must be, who is paying for it?


More Black OP's outfits can be seen here. 


Blogoratti said...

Quite informative, thanks for sharing!

Lowcarb team member said...

Thank you for your comment Blogoratti, we aim to inform.

Regards Eddie

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Pamela Dyson has certainly never read he Diet Doctor's blog and website or she would know what drivel she is spouting!

IMO Dr Jason Fung is one of the most knowledgable docs when it comes to diabetes type 1 and 2. Love his blog and newsletter.

cheers from the Netherlands,


Galina L. said...

I am afraid there are a lot of people who have nothing against the situation when they consume expensive cute-looking pills , eat what they like while slightly exercising food watchfulness and feel good about the whole set-up. Big pharma fits into public mind-set.

chris c said...

Anyone else notice that things are moving in both directions at once?

Not long ago, Ethics Commitees would routinely block most studies into other than low fat diets, and the few that got through would not be published in mainstream journals, hence Richard Feinman, Eric Westman, Stephen Phinney, Jeff Volek et al. started the open access journal Nutrition And Metabolism.

Now all these authors, plus the likes of Ron Krauss, get their papers into the most prestigious journals, and there are increasing numbers of researchers who are starting from the premise that low fat diets didn;t work and are looking at why and what to do instead.

At tjhe same time there's a massive fightback from the supporters of Conventional Wisdom, backed by a bottomless pit of money from the Foodlike Substance Manufacturers and drug companies.

It's becoming truly blatant.

Launna said...

I am appalled what people will write for money... I'm ashamed of these people that try to make people take pills to contol their diabeties over eating whole and healthy food... I learned this the hard way when I took cholesteral medication... I almost couldn't walk from the side effects... it was only eating healthy and exercising that got my number down. People don't want to dp the hard work but it's the only way... very eye opening post...