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Friday 29 April 2016

British Dietetic Association Catherine Collins wrong again!

Check out almost any diabetes forum and diabetic blogs and you will find countless negative posts regarding dietitians. Despite the British Dietetic Association's long term slogan "Trust A Dietitian" many do not trust a dietitian, the reasons are obvious. So many cling to the totally failed dogma of eat less fat and eat more carbs. This has contributed greatly to the epidemics of obesity and the often linked type two diabetes. 

Unless you have been living in a cave in outer Mongolia, you would have seen the countless articles in science journals, newspaper articles and television programs, informing us on the now known dangers of sugar. Only people of limited dietary knowledge, do not know carbohydrates turn to sugar once digested, clearly many dietitians fit into this category. Hang on a minute you may be thinking, surely that cannot be true. Well, ask yourself this question, why do the majority of dietitians recommend a high starch-carb-sugar diet to the most allergic to sugar people on the planet, namely diabetics. 

The salvation of countless diabetics is the diet/lifestyle known as low carb higher fat. Highly vocal BDA dietitian Catherine Collins says and I quote "Only those with little knowledge of real-life dietary habits would believe LCHF diets sustainable" 

I know, or know of hundreds of low carb higher fat diabetics who have stuck with the lifestyle for many years. Amazing how many people say 'it can't be done' when what they mean is 'I can't do it' Also, I know of many highly qualified scientists, doctors, and well informed dietitians, that not only believe a low carb higher fat diet is sustainable, many actually low carb themselves. Check out below the foods many low carbers base their diet on, ask yourself, could I be more than happy and healthy using these foods. I wonder what Catherine must eat, if she believes living on the foods below are unsustainable. Possibly the sort of junk that often leads to obesity and type two diabetes.

One last point, I would contact Catherine via twitter directly, but she blocked me sometime ago. She can of course respond to this post directly here. I doubt very much that will happen, because Catherine has no answers it would appear to a straight question. A question I often ask myself is, does she practise what she preaches? I reckon she does. Make your own mind up as to whether her diet works. As I said earlier, many people say 'it can't be done' when what they mean is 'I can't do it'.


The mainstay of my LCHF lifestyle centres around fresh non starchy vegetables.

The remainder of my food plate contains fresh meat. Items such as sausages are the very high (97%) meat varieties.

Or fish

The remainder of my food and a large percentage of my calories come from healthy fats. Remember fats have more than twice the calories per gram compared to protein and carbs, so no need to increase fats by a very large amount. Just replace the calories you require to cover the reduction of carbs. Remember there is no such thing as an essential carb. We must consume proteins and fats.

Small amounts of low carb fruits also feature in my daily food intake


Blogoratti said...

The post is a real eye opener, and just goes to show that one should eat carry out research around their dietary habits and not just listen to whatever's out there.

Anonymous said...

Is it because they just don't want to see?
Or do they receive money from Companies who do not want them to see?
Either way pity the patients who are not getting healthy advice.

DeniseinVA said...


Debbie said...

i did skim this but i still read lot's of great information!! that image of the fresh vegetables is quite inspiring!!!

Unknown said...

But what happens if you don't eat enough fiber which is in carbs like fruit and bread? Intestinal cancer?

Unknown said...

What about the low intake of fiber in the LCHF? The probability of rectal cancer grows??

Lowcarb team member said...

Aiziczon Roberto said...
What about the low intake of fiber in the LCHF? The probability of rectal cancer grows??

Hi Aiziczon, It's a myth that LCHF diets are low in fiber, whats lacking in grains etc, is far outweighed by the big increase in non starchy vegetables many of which are high in fibre, also nuts, seeds and berries.


Anonymous said...

A very unprofessional and offensive statement by a BDA spokesperson. Unfortunately this is nothing new. Maybe ought to read the code of conduct and practice in line with professional standards that they so readily refer to, but do not actually implement themselves.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful that there are people like you trying to get the truth out there in the public domain.
I also read an article where Ms Collins provided misinformation on the topic of B12 deficiency. A dangerous lady!