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Wednesday 6 April 2016

Farmers Union of Wales demands explanation of cuts to dairy in diet

Following new guidelines from Public Health England, FUW has sent a letter requesting proof of the evidence used in determining the status of dairy in the Eatwell Guide.

A new dietary guide recommending a reduction in the daily intake of dairy products from a previously recommended 15 per cent to 8 per cent has been called “incredibly disappointing” by the Farmers Union of Wales.

In a letter to Public Health England, the FUW has requested proof under the Freedom of Information Act of the evidence used in determining the status of dairy in the Eatwell Guide -- and a list of the experts who were consulted.

“Dairy products provide an important source of protein and calcium and contain essential vitamins and minerals, all of which are needed for a balanced diet,” said union president, Glyn Roberts.

“Indeed, the exclusion of dairy products from the ‘sugar tax’ demonstrates the role such products play in a healthy diet.

“The new guidance also comes at a time when the All Party Parliamentary Group on Dairy has highlighted the nutritional benefits of dairy produce.


“It is therefore extremely disappointing that dairy industry representatives were not consulted before this new conflicting guide was released; especially as the guidance is potentially harmful to the sector,” added Mr Roberts.

“The FUW continues to promote the nutritional value of dairy. Indeed, the importance of dairy can be seen when looking at dietary guidelines across the world.

“Many countries, including America, Australia, France and Ireland, have adopted a prominent and positive policy for dairy produce and the implementation of a 3-a-day dairy policy in the UK was supported by the APPG on dairy.”


FUW milk and dairy produce committee chairman, Rhydian Owen said: “The union fully understands the need for a healthy and balanced diet and, as such, is bitterly disappointed in this most recent public health campaign which reduces the significance of the dairy food group.

“A robust evidence base is required when issuing dietary guidance and the FUW seeks to improve the openness and scrutiny provided when ‘evidence’ for nutritional standards is obtained. The documents used to inform this decision must be made available.”



Anonymous said...

As if the Farmers were not facing enough difficulty. More and more this eatwell plate is not doing anyone any good at all. Don't we need the goodness of dairy? If you are true Paleo please don't bother answering.


Kezzie said...

I like dairy products lots! Poor farmers, we met a guy who ran the tea room in the Cheviots, miles from anywhere, it was a Godsend to all who had climbed WindyGyle that day- they are closing down after generations because they just can't make enough money to live. So sad!!!

Passthecream said...

Things must be a in pretty poor state over there in Brit-land if everyone is so ready and willing to eat exactly what their government tells them to eat. Imagine what would happen if the French government tried to do that?

Those Welsh farmers should be looking to south-east asia for a market, the rapidly growing economies just cannot get enough dairy produce; the Chinese in particular are frantically investing in Australian dairy farms atm.

Nonetheless I hope they manage to sue the pants off the authors of the 'eatwell plate' guidelines.

chris c said...

One of the last diary farmers in my vicinity closed down some years ago. No great loss in the long term as he went over to grass-fed beef.

Recently a new dairy farm started BUT they put in enough capital to be able to deliver their own milk to local outlets and process it into cream, cheese and ice cream themselves, it's the processing not the producing where the profit lies.

I spot the malign influence of PCRM and CSPI, both fronts for PETA and their push for veganism.

Dariush Mozaffarian, Ronald Krauss and a few other researchers are renovating the reputation of dairy. Yes it isn't "Paleo" and much of the world's population is lactose intolerant, but if you aren't, as Weston A Price showed it's a great source of quality fats and fat soluble nutrients like vitamin D and K2.