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Tuesday 12 April 2016

Why the average American's standard of living is plummeting !

I should say at this stage, it is exactly the same in the UK and most other countries. This video well worth your time. Eddie 


Debbie said...

interesting but very complicated. my husband and i own many limited partnerships for our real estate holdings. we are finishing up our tax returns right now and are paying 35 % to our government that is 20 trillion dollars in debt. they clearly do not manage money as well as we do and yet i send them almost half of my profits. i couldn't breath yesterday as i wrote out the checks, sending in a far bigger chunk than the 2.4% google is paying.....

i can't even write the number, the total that we are paying this year. i don't understand the governments debt. for me, if i don't have the money, i don't write the check...if i got myself into debt and wrote bad checks i would be arrested. printing more physical money is not the answer!!!!! have i made my point or am i just ranting?? today was NOT the day for me to watch this video, our government has a spending problem, in my humble opinion!!!

Anonymous said...

The economy of the world has reached the precipice. The next step is vital to life as we know it. The greed of so many has bought it to this. What will the answer be? I have no idea. More worryingly those that should know don't either, other wise would it have got so bad? Then there is all the unrest in various parts. Is that another story or may it all be inter-woven? God I need a stiff drink but I know that doesn't help either but it does taste good. Ted

a writing place said...

The name of this blog is "The Low Carb Diabetic"... Correct?

I figure people read here, for information on Low Carb eating... Correct?

Please tell me, what place does this video, ("Why the average American's standard of living is plummeting !")... What place or reason does this have, posted on this blog?

Does it contribute anything to Low Carb Information?

If I wanted financial or political news, I would go to a Financial or Political blog.

I ask you Eddie, why? Why waste our Low Carb Information seeking time, on this???

Please and thank you.


Lowcarb team member said...

Thanks for the comments so far, I hope more come in. I will answer them fully with a new post tomorrow. Regarding Tessa's comment. Yes this is a low carb blog, but every aspect of our lives is controlled by politics, which have become corrupted to the core. The food we eat, the value of our homes, the value of our savings and pensions. The cost of healthcare and education, it's all politics, and it is all corrupt.


Anonymous said...

So enjoy this blog for the variety of articles.
Over the years that's what we expect.
Keep on.

Thanks :)

Adam said...

Wow at the comment a bit above

One of the reasons why I named mine Neko Random. People get so fussy when things get "off topic". I used to have one on a video game website and you'd would not believe how many were like "that's not video games though" even if it was like movies or something everyone enjoys.

Don't feel bad, when I do political posts I usually give people others to read so they can just ignore it if they don't agree. I think you are doing the same.

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

This has been going on for many years and I don't see it changing much. My solution is to stay out of the 'big box' stores as much as possible and buy from local producers, local farmers, small business owners. This is our future - supporting small business. We CAN make a difference in this way! We live in a global economy now. There is no going back, but we can support our local small businesses. x Karen

Lowcarb team member said...

We live with diabetes 24/7 but there's more to life than that, an occasional post that strays away from diabetes and diet like the music night or a bit of tongue in cheek humour is hardly going to change the main focus of this blog


Debbie said...

WoW tessa, how rude!!!!

The Happy Whisk said...

I'm glad to hear you say that it's like that in the UK and other areas because I watch a great deal of British health shows and they are sadly, just as fat as those on the SAD diet.

Happy Weekend.