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Saturday 30 April 2016

Is Coca-Cola on its way out?

By Emma Reynolds of

The love affair is over. After so many hot summer days together, nights out, nights in and cosy Christmases, we're moving on.

Coca-Cola is dead, and no one is sorry.

The iconic brand has tried everything to keep that fizz going. As it realised people were turning on its signature teeth-rotting drink, it created diet choices.

When the healthy eating movement decided sugarfree sodas were almost as bad, it came up with Coca-Cola Life, made with natural sweetener stevia.

It unveiled new packaging, "unifying" its labelling so that all of its drinks feature a red disc like the original Coke, so fans feel more like they're drinking The Real Thing.

Tragically, what the brand just doesn't understand is that's precisely what we're no longer interested in.

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Debbie said...

it has been 20 years since i have had any kind of soda. i watched a show on t.v., they poured a coke on a car battery and i watched what it did. no more soda, of any kind, for me!!!

Anonymous said...

So many have dropped the sugary drinks.

Martha said...

A step in the right direction. Now if only the really popular but loaded with too much sugar smoothies bought at stores would be a thing of the past, too!

Adam said...

I really doubt people will stop drinking soda. The wave of better drinks is getting stronger, but soda is so darn delicious

happyone said...

I don't drink a lot of it but I do like my diet coke.

Linda said...

That green can is ugly!

Conniecrafter said...

We gave up cola a couple of years ago just to see if we could see a difference, we both lost weight even though I was drinking diet soda and we both feel so much better for it. Thankfully I love brewed Ice tea and I don't like sugar in it either so we are iced black tea drinkers now and after you haven't had it for awhile the cravings go away, so much better for giving it up!