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Sunday 24 April 2016

Post-Brexit trade deal with US could take 10 years, Obama warns!

"The UK could take up to 10 years to negotiate trade deals with the US if it leaves the EU, Barack Obama has said.

In a BBC interview, the US president said: "It could be five years from now, 10 years from now before we were able to actually get something done." From the BBC here.

Why is Obama and also over this weekend Clinton making threats and spreading the doom and gloom should we leave the EU? Here is one of the reasons the TTIP agreement. 

If you cannot spare the time for the first video, the second short video gives a good basic overview as to why TTIP goes against democracy and plays into the hands of Giant Multinational Corporations. Eddie 


Adam said...

TTIP is a bad idea, the only person to be against it in the U.S. running for president seems to be Bernie Sanders

Phil Slade said...

I'm so pleased you mentioned TIPP. It has hardly made the news or the papers and we need to be afrid. Barry Balmy has no right to interfere in our vote. I'm voting OUT.

Bob Bushell said...

Yes, it is a bloody nuisance, stop it NOW.

Anonymous said...

If Politicians are all for it then I'm against it cos you can bet your bottom dollar there ain't nothing in it for ordinary folk

Lowcarb team member said...

I agree 100% with the comments so far, as you would expect. Imagine the lunacy of allowing Big company's the right to take legal action against another countries Government. Will Monsanto sue European Governments (i.e. the tax payer) if we continue to ban GM foods? Or cigarette company's try it on, because of health warnings of smoking?