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Wednesday 17 August 2016

A new grocery trend: the ketogenic diet

Dive Brief:
  • Manufacturers are beginning to develop products that align with the ketogenic diet, a low-carb, high-fat regimen that analysts say could be the next fad diet.
  • Keto is gaining a foothold among health-conscious consumers because of its perceived benefits for weight loss and managing some neurological conditions.
  • Manufacturers have responded to a lack of convenient items on the market that meet the keto diet's low-carb restrictions and promotion of high fat intake by introducing a wide range of products, such as snacks and breakfast foods.
Dive Insight:

If keto is the new paleo diet, keto-friendly products could gain traction among consumers and manufacturers in the coming years. Global product launches featuring the word "paleo" have increased significantly with room to grow, from single digits in 2010 to more than 300 in the year ended September 2015, according to Innova.

The ketogenic diet also aligns with consumers' increased interest and consumption of healthy fats, such as the resurgence of full-fat dairy products. More recent research has questioned commonly held concerns about fats, particularly saturated fats, which have contributed to changing public opinion and decreasing demand for low-fat processed foods.

Like the gluten-free diet and its perceived benefits for health and weight loss, researchers question the viability of the keto diet for all people. Still, gluten-free product sales continue to rise, which demonstrates how niche diets can ultimately be sales drivers for manufacturers that can meet market demand.



Revrunner said...

My idea of a diet is to eat less today than I did yesterday. Simple. Straightforward and totally memorable.

Galina L. said...

I now can buy a full-fat Greek yogurt and pastured eggs in a regular groceries store, also prices for pig feet and beef tong went up, but grass-fed stakes are more affordable now. I still have little competition when I want to buy kidneys and liver.

Galina L. said...

"My idea of a diet is to eat less today than I did yesterday." Sounds too similar to the advice which has failed so many "eat less, move more". A Paleo diet advice is also simple - eat the food which prevents wide blood sugar fluctuations than your can stop fighting your hungry body with your minds.