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Saturday 13 August 2016

Cat Stevens - Morning has broken - Saturday Night Is Music Night

Yes, another week passes and this Saturday sees me starting music night. This song takes me back to my childhood days. Mornings both at Sunday School, Primary School ... and beyond! Those in the UK will also recognise this 'tune' because it is used in the Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital Fund Raising Media Campaign.

"Morning Has Broken" is a popular and well-known Christian hymn first published in 1931. It has words by English author Eleanor Farjeon and is often sung in children's services. English pop musician and folk singer Cat Stevens included a version on his 1971 album Teaser and the Firecat." This video has some beautiful images and I hope you enjoy this gentle sound. All the best Jan.


Red Rose Alley said...

A peaceful song on this Sunday afternoon, Jan. I just saw lots of birds on the trail this morning.


Debbie said...

oh jan, i loved this, i really loved it!!!! i wanted to reply to you via email but i couldn't!! i enjoyed your "offer" to cook!!!!

Anonymous said...

Just listened to this, so perfect for my Sunday morning and yes the images go so well with the words.