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Sunday 28 August 2016

Sugar Free Iced Tea : Perfect for a Low Carb High Fat Barbecue

I certainly hope that over the summer months you've managed to have at least one barbecue, because they are such fun aren't they. During the warmer summer months it's just so nice to be outside in good company enjoying some great LCHF barbecued food and a nice chilled drink ...

At BBQ's many choose to have some white wine or beer chilling but sometimes what could be more refreshing than 'Iced Tea', and as Swedish chef Birgitta Höglund (pictured below) writes, " it is a very refreshing drink that goes well both when you’re waiting for the charcoals to get ready for the grill, and as an alcohol-free drink anytime.

But don’t drink the ready-made product sold in cans—it contains lots of added sugar.

My iced tea gets its fresh taste from lemon and peppermint leaves. I use Earl Grey tea, but feel free to choose your favorite blend. The tea bags should steep in cold water to prevent the tea from turning bitter."

Here is what you will need to make a refreshing drink of
Iced Tea with Lemon and Peppermint
4 1/4 cups (1000 ml) cold water
5 tea bags
4 sprigs peppermint
juice of 1 lemon

to find out what to do with these four ingredients
do go over to Birgitta's blog here
this recipe also features in her book LCHF Barbecue

Swedish chef Birgitta Höglund has featured on Diet Doctor site
and also has a popular low carb/Paleo recipe blog

Did you know ... Peppermint is a perennial mint with coarsely serrated leaves which can reach more than 2 inches (5 cm) in length. It is a favorite strewing herb due to its bright aroma when crushed underfoot. Peppermint is said to lend an atmosphere of cheer and optimism, so a cup of Peppermint Tea is refreshing as a pick me up.

Peppermint Tea and mints have been served as after dinner fare not only to freshen the breath, but to also aid in digestion. Peppermint has been found to smooth the long muscles surrounding the stomach and intestines, which is how it aids in digestion. It allows the stomach and intestines to do their job more effectively.

Peppermint is native to the Mediterranean and North Africa. In Ancient Egypt Peppermint was used to aid in the relief of stomach pains. During Biblical times it was used as a medium of monetary exchange and for payment of tithes.

In Greek mythology, the story of how Peppermint got its characteristics goes something like this:

Minthe was a river nymph in the Cocytus River (one of the five rivers of Hades). When Hades was driving his golden chariot, he came upon Minthe and was about to seduce her when his wife Persephone caught them. Persephone then turned Minthe into a lowly mint plant that people would walk upon. Mint supposedly got its pungent, sweet smell when Hades softened the spell so that when people walked upon his lover they would smell her sweetness...

Peppermint was also used in the potions made by Harry Potter and in Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans which were a regular treat at Hogwarts.

But returning to the weekend, family gatherings, sugar free iced tea ...
Enjoy your BBQ, and thank you Birgitta for the recipe idea

All the best Jan


Conniecrafter said...

Ever since we gave up soda pop all we drink is brewed black tea, luckily I never have liked sweet tea, in fact I usually water it down a bit because it is a little to strong for my taste, never thought of adding anything else to it. We found a tea brewer at the store, like a coffee maker you just add ice to the pitcher and the hot water runs through the tea into the ice and you have fresh iced tea, I love it!

Martha said...

Very refreshing! And definitely better than store bought.

Anonymous said...

I grew up drinking iced tea with every meal. I still love tea and appreciate this refreshing recipe!

Carla from The River said...

I LOVE TEA!!! Peppermint is a favorite of mine. Lemon Ginger is a second favorite. I do love so many. What is your favorite? :-)

Jo said...

I'm only an occasional tea drinker but I never have iced tea, it sounds nice with lemon and peppermint.

eileeninmd said...

Hello, the ice tea with lemon and mint sounds perfect to me. Happy Sunday, enjoy your new week ahead!

Revrunner said...

Wow! Eye-poppingly attractive glass of iced tea. :-)

The Joy of Home with Martha Ellen said...

I love iced tea after my morning cup of hot tea in the summer. It sure taste good with lemon and mint. Mint doesn't grow in my garden anymore as it's so invasive. Have a great week ahead, Jan. ♥

Gloria Baker said...

This sounds delicious !

Red Rose Alley said...

Oh, I love Peppermint, Jan. How funny that Peppermint was also used in the potions made by Harry Potter. My kids love Harry Potter. :) Thanks for the info. Jan.

Have a wonderful week ahead.


Red Rose Alley said...

by the way, my mother-in-law was the first to introduce me to Peppermint sticks to clear the nasal passages with a cold. Suck on them, and it really does help. :)

Snowbird said...

I always avoided icedtea until I went to the Far East in February, now I'm hooked on it so thanks for this!xxx

Kezzie said...

I've never tried it with Earl Grey!!! MMMMMM!!!!
When I lived in Bali, I drank plain iced tea every day. In the Warung where I ate my lunch every day, they didn't charge me for my iced tea because I had it without sugar. You essentially pay for the sugar!!x

Lisa said...

I bet this is very refreshing on a hot day, although I think for this year our hotter days are numbered!
Lisa x