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Monday 8 August 2016

Priyanka Wali MD another Medical Professional joins the low carb cause.

The second discussion from Low Carb USA San Diego is with the articulate and assertive young doctor Priyanka Wali. Not long practising, but already she knows a lot more than most docs about nutrition and disease. Did she go to a special med school you may ask, where they actually teach nutrition? Why no - she had to do her own research, just like the rest of us! In any case she's the smartest doc on the block, and shouldn't need to hand out meds like candy.


Debby Ray said...

It's good see so many medical professionals finally getting on the low carb bandwagon! Jan, I want to thank you for the kind words on my post about my son. Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Wonder which bloggers she learnt from then, good to see young doctors ditching science and jumping on contrarian bandwagons.