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Saturday 11 October 2014

Altus Silva - Big Blue Ball

Check this out on a good sound system, the dogs.


JasmineJohend said...

Unrelated, I'm sorry, but can you direct me to website that has a foolproof LC bread recipe using yeast. I'm doing a RS experiment as a result of one of Woo's blogs and I have this very expensive banana flour I want to make a bread out of and don't want to waste it. The banana flour already has carb in it so I need to keep it simple as possible. I want one with yeast because I want it to rise and not be a flat kind of bread. Many thanks in advance

Galina L. said...

Jasmine, if you add whipped egg whites to the bread you make it will be spongy even without yeasts.
When I made almond biscuit using the recipe for the Spanish cake (, it turned fine. I used sugar substitute and added salt and butter. You may try to turn big cake recipe into a small bread recipe using 3 eggs(whip whites separately) and 3/4 cup of a banana flour + 1/2 tsp of salt and couple Tbs of butter mixed with 3 yolks.

JasmineJohend said...

Thanks Galina, especially for the whipped egg white tip. I'm so nervous about eating "bread" and carbs..scared of opening that door. At the moment I'm mixing my flour with small amount of greek yoghurt and it tastes like porridge; so good but a slice of "bread" would be amazing. Have been very happy with my RS experiment so far,great satiety, strange dreams, less anxiety, but it's early days.

Galina L. said...

I think if you don't want to misuse an expensive ingredient, you could try an "Atkins muffin" (1 egg, 1/4 cup of an almond or flax flour, 1/2 tsp of baking powder, pinch of salt,sweetener, mix everything, put in a coffee mug, cook in a microwave for one minute) first, but use green banana flour instead of almond flour and keep it in a refrigerator before eating. I think baking powder affects taste in a negative way, more bread-like taste will be achieved by using whipped whites as a rising agent , adding one tsp of dried yeasts for a taste, baking it in a toaster oven in a coffee mug lined with a parchment paper at 365F for 15 minutes(just my guess) or till the top will be brown. If you really miss bread, there are a lot of recipes which use nut flours, husk powder, grated coconut and so forth.

JasmineJohend said...

It's not so much I miss bread it was more of a way to incorporate the green banana flour into a solid food, and bread sounded delish. I avoid most the the paleo and LC baking recipes because I can easily overeat it. I have a feast beast lurking that I am able to tame reasonably well. Even now if a food starts becoming too hedonistic or I crave it I will eliminate it i.e. nuts and cream are the latest I have eliminated. Like Wooo says this obesity is not something that can be cured, but only managed like a disease.

I have found a recipe, I guess the worse thing that can happen is it won't rise, if it tastes terrible that's ok, I;m not fussy..hehe.. I'm a beggar.

The other problem is that I've been reading free the animal etc to find answer about cooking because heat turns RS into normal starch which I don't want. However they say eating cooked rice and potatoes (not that I would) cold turns it back into RS; would this be the case with bread? I asked the manufacturer and he said yes, which of course he would.

Anyway I will shut up now I'm sorry to hijack your post Eddie xx

Galina L. said...

I am sure you should chill up your banana flour bread well before eating. You lost so much weight, that no doubt it is a straggle to maintain. I think you can't safely rely on somebody's opinion, probably mixing a raw banana flour into yogurt is the safest option, but you can make just one muffin even in a microwave to save troubles, and compare your reaction on it with eating a raw starch.