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Monday 27 October 2014

DCUK No low carb antis on the forum say the antis ! This is DCUK week on this blog !

"With respect Jack, I don't think we need terms like 'anti' used on this forum, it serves no purpose whatsoever and only incites trouble, besides the whole 'anti' thing was made up by someone who seems to believe there's a war between those that low-carb and those that don't, but the only war going on is in their heads, for the majority of members here we all respect each others dietary path" Noblehead forums all time number one liar.

"Any way thats it from me this thread has just reminded me why I dont post much here any more." Sid 'the enforcer' Bonkers" long time low carb anti who only shows up on the forum these days to back up the long time anti click i.e. Catherinecherub, Noblehead and Phoenix. Sid is a founder member of the clique and like his chums, has been involved in the majority of thread locking and getting low carbers banned for years, including Dr.Jay Wortman. Sid is arguably the maddest member ever to grace the forum and with the nutters that have come and gone over the years, that takes some doing.

"I would hate to lock this thread but if it is going to get personal then there will be no sense in keeping it going. It gets tedious for all members when people who do not agree keep trying to wind each other up. Turn the other cheek and stop goading each other" Catherinecherub the slimiest most duplicitous member in the history of the forum. Multiple accounts (Giverny likes them) and before being made a mod constantly bombarded the mods with PM's whining and moaning about other members. A real class act.

"This thread has now run its course .Arguments , personal attacks , aside .We the mod/admin team apologise for - so unnecessary  or is positive mode within a thread . Nor is there any anti/trolls labels here at DCUK . Thread closed ." Anna the banner mod, current thread lock Queen and about as much use as a rubber beak on a woodpecker. 

This is DCUK week on this blog. With rent a gob Dr. Hillary Jones being brought in to try to salvage the sinking ship, with a question and answer session tonight, (which can be found at the link below) and banning, thread locking and skulduggery back to the notorious Kenny Boy days, the forum plumbs new depths. 

Looks like a fun packed week coming up folks.


DCUK Facebook 7pm tonight

1 comment:

Lowcarb team member said...

What two faced slimy pondlife the Clique are!

Wonder what they will say about the good doctors video that supports Ketogenic diets and that starvation diets are unsustainable? HaHaHaHa
Doesn't do much for their cause now does it!