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Saturday 25 October 2014

DCUK Quote of the week !

"On every forum I've ever run, multiple accounts have been allowed. There's no reason for this to change, since we have clauses in the rules that can put a stop to any potential abuse" Giverny forum admin.

Some DCUK members were surprised to learn recently multiple accounts were allowed on the forum. Some members had the temerity to ask what benefit was this to the forum? As one member said "If I'm having a discussion on a thread and get shouted down by 3 'people', it would be useful to know that they are in fact 3 people, and not one person with 3 identities" 

That comment hit the nail on the head. For years the low carb anti clique i.e. various bent mods, and members Phoenix, Catherincherub, Noblehead, and the part time these days anti, the obnoxious Bonkers one, have played that game. Giverny has evaded the question of why multiple accounts are not banned on several occasions recently, could this be the reason?

The forum likes to trumpet we are "The Largest Diabetes Forum in Europe" but the fact is 99% of members or thereabouts have never posted or walked away from the forum years ago. Only a few hundred members post on a regular basis and if you check out the numbers of posts by members, a small hard core clique have dominated the place from the start to the present day.

What this is all about is marketing. The forum is commercial, it's primary objective is about making money. The members are cannon fodder and are treated accordingly. Nothing will ever change at the forum of flog, it's an exploitation outfit, the members are a mail shot list. As reported here the management are looking to do a deal with big pharma, and low carb for diabetics is the last thing big pharma wants to know about. BTW as always when admin. or idiot mods cannot wriggle off the hook, they played their trump card, you guessed it, the thread was locked as can be seen here.


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