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Saturday 25 October 2014

This is why many type 2 diabetics become worse by following current medical recommendations and treatment.

Over the years I have got sick to death of people claiming all sorts of cures and potions for curing this or that. I do not believe there is a cure for any type of diabetes. However, as so many who read this blog know, it can be tamed. The chief symptom of type two diabetes highly elevated BG levels can be reversed. Not only do we see many so called experts claiming all sorts of bunkum, we also see many forum members in other places spouting total hogwash. Their motives range from seeking enjoyment from misleading others to wanting to make money. 

This item from Doctor Mercola is a great post and says pretty much what we need to know about controlling the betus. This is a great article and free of charge, no one should pay money for information that has been around for free for decades.

A few quotes.

"For the last 50 years or so, Americans have followed the dietary recommendations of a high complex carbohydrate, low saturated fat diet—the exact opposite of what actually works for preventing and reversing diabetes! High complex carbohydrates include legumes, potatoes, corn, rice and grain products. Aside from legumes, you actually want to AVOID all the rest to prevent insulin resistance."

"This is why many type 2 diabetics become worse by following current medical recommendations and treatment. If your physician has not talked to you about the importance of limiting sugars, fructose and grains, and only wants to give you drugs, your diabetes will get worse, not better."

"Please don't let anyone tell you that type 2 diabetes has no cure, as this is not true. Type 2 diabetes is not terminal; you don't have to live with it forever! Nearly 100 percent of type  2 diabetics can be successfully treated -- eliminating the symptoms of diabetes, or the high risk of developing health complications -- if you are willing to implement the lifestyle changes discussed below. These same changes will also drastically reduce your risk of the disease, so you can avoid developing it in the first place."

More on this very useful information here. 

Regards Eddie

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