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Friday 3 October 2014

Celebrity chef Pete Evans is left boiling after his controversial Caveman diet cops a serve

THINGS are heating up for celebrity chef Pete Evans, but don’t expect the Seven Network star to be getting out of the kitchen any time soon.
Evans, a vocal proponent of the controversial paleo diet, has launched an all-out attack on two of Australia’s leading health and dietary organisations — the Heart Foundation and the Dietitians Association of Australia.
Responding to comments the two organisations made to the media last week condemning the diet, which eschews dairy, grains and refined sugar, Evans posted a 2000-plus word diatribe to his 295,000 Facebook followers, taking aim at policies that form the basis of Australia’s healthy eating guidelines.
Evans linked the advice by health authorities to steer clear of high-fat natural foods to everything from soaring autism rates to the escalation of mental illness and dementia.
He also labelled the method used to indicate the nutritional value of food in school canteens, as “the most ridiculous traffic light system ever to be developed” and slammed Australia’s healthy eating guide.
“Why does the DAA and Heart Foundation have financial ties to multinational processed food corporations that litter the supermarket shelves with so-called ‘healthy foods’?” he wrote.
The tirade called for packaged foods to come with health warnings similar to those found on cigarettes, slammed the federal government’s Australian Guide To Healthy Eating as “a tomb” and described what people eat and give their children as “the greatest threat to humanity”.
He went on to say that anti-paleo comments had “ignited a spark, now a raging fire in my belly”.
“I am usually peaceful, however the warrior in me is now ready for what’s next,” he said.
Heart Foundation CEO Mary Barry said her organisation would not endorse any “fad, novelty or crash diet”.
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Lynda said...

I'm loving Pete Evan's crusade!!!! He is on fire and won't stop any time soon. It's fantastic.

Lisa said...

Pete got attacked yet again on TV tonight, because he is giving out "dangerous advice" by advocating not eating grains, sugar and processed artificial food. Wow, I must be killing my family then, because we don't eat any of that crap. Wonder why my diabetic son has normal blood work and normal everything else then??

Lowcarb team member said...

Whole fresh food is highly dangerous, not to us but to the makers of junk food and big pharma profits.