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Tuesday 28 October 2014

DCUK Memo from Giverny to the members.

Listen up you fly blown rabid monkeys and listen good. Shut it Duggie or I'll nail your nuts to a case of pot noodles. Last night was a complete balls up, the cretin who decided to wheel Hilary (have you got my money) Jones in will be fed to the pigs in small pieces when I find out who it was. Jesus H Christ I have been involved in some forum f**k ups but that takes the f**king biscuit. No Sid, we ain't got any Hobnobs here today. Jeez has Jones made us look a complete laughing stock or what. One thing you can count on is that muppet won't be making a return visit.

As most of you with more than five functioning brain cells may have noticed CatherineCherub has been made a mod. Yes Phoenix I know she knows f**k all about good diabetes control and is full of shit, but you have missed the point. She has been appointed to wind up and see off what is left of the low carb high fat scum on the forum. You had your chance Phoenix but you blew it babe, and as for Noblyheads pathetic attempts of late, I am beginning to wonder what side he is on.

So, my pedigree chums, keep alert, never forget these low carb high fat scum are everywhere, until we have banned them all, we can’t flog off the forum, or start attracting some real wonga from advertisers. The everyone wins a meter gig ain’t the earner it was, because the few type two’s that get free tests strips are being transferred over to cheapo meters and test strips to save the NHS money, bastards. BTW if any of you are skint check out our pay day loans site, where we can do you a short term loan at a very reasonable 5000% apr. As always many thanks to the valiant members who wrecked the low carb threads over the last few weeks.

Remember it’s high carb low fat and get those meds down ya is what we want to hear, this low carb shite is a non runner for any serious dosh to be earned. Meat and three veg my arse, it's a killer for sure, I'll give 'em meat I'll use their balls for earrings !

One last point, it has come to our attention most of the low carb retards who have been banned have crept back in using new names and proxy servers, be ever vigilant, those bastards will stop at nothing to get the truth out to the newbies and long term out of control. How are we going to sell the gaff to big pharma if the no/minimal meds mob gets a grip on the flog.

Right that's my lot, good grief what thieving cow son nicked my tin of Carlsburg?


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Gwen said...


Well, once they all die prematurely from eating the exact opposite of what they SHOULD eat, who will man the board?