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Thursday 23 October 2014

Dr Katharine Morrison, a senior practising GP and a senior partner in a medical practice loves low carb !

The Low Carb Diabetic Forum is Here all most welcome to read or join.

Some years ago Dr Katharine Morrison helped me. She firmly believes a low carb diet is a valid and viable method for diabetics in the safe control of blood glucose levels. She is an expert in diabetes control and has teamed up with a type one diabetic lady called Emma Baird and started an excellent blog which can be found here.

I urge you to check the blog out, it contains lot's of great information and some wonderful recipes and food ideas.


Please check out our Low Carb Diabetic sites.

The new low carb diabetic forum is here
the only dedicated to low carb control of diabetes and weight forum in the UK

The low carb diabetic website
Primarily for type two diabetics newly diagnosed or long term non insulin users looking to gain better control of blood glucose numbers.

A new less controversial blog for all aspects of diabetes and the low carb lifestyle.
The low carb diabetic recipe blog

A very basic guide to get you started on a low carb lifestyle. All recipes easy to make with no specialist skills or equipment needed.

Follow the low carb diabetic on twitter here

1 comment:

tess said...

help me, Eddie! Jan asked me to post a recipe on the forum, and I got busy and forgot what it was! :-( I hate letting her down this way -- do either of you remember what it might have been?