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Friday 10 October 2014

DCUK Big Giv puts the boot in !

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Nice. Well-reasoned and mature response from Admin. That'll help.


 smidge said: 

"Moderator discretion' means 'we can do anything we like' - that is not a justification it is an expression of power. Which is all well and good if you are running a prison, but let's not forget where the content comes from here, let's not forget who posts comments and advice and let's not forget what this forum is about; it is about us the members and our daily battle with diabetes."


So that's about the strength of it at DCUK, we can do whatever we like whenever we like and f**k off if you don't like it, no wonder well over 100,000 forum members have walked.


Post edit

Thread and post swiftly deleted. Business as usual on the forum of flog.

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