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Thursday 2 October 2014

DCUK Pot Noodle Man going from bad to worse !

I have been spending less time over at the forum of flog just lately, having fairly recently joined twitter which I find a real gold mine for interesting information, the flog is very dull these days by comparison, however. Some may remember the character over at the forum of flog Duggie whose idea of a good diet, for a diabetic included all sorts of junk including Pot Noodles. Well, you may wonder, could his diet get any worse, the answer is a resounding yes. The guys is now considering Peperami sticks big time.

"Is peperami considered a good or bad snack.
It's high fat, but I count the calories so I can eat it.
It's processed, but that means it does keep well, out of the fridge.
It's packaged, so won't dissolve into the car mats like fruit does.

I'm undecided, should it be on my list of easy snacks"

He goes on to say.

"But they eventually compost down in the car glove locker, especially on a sunny day" and "I need something you can stick in there for days or weeks, and forget about. My infamous 'Pot Noodle', and better/worse Belvita biscuits at the moment."

So this guy on two diabetes meds and statins and paranoid usually about consuming healthy fats, reckons "It's high fat, but I count the calories so I can eat it" Now at this stage you may be wondering, Duggie is not serious and he's trying to wind a few low carbers up, and you may well be right. Personally, I think he is serious, and completely batshit. Time will tell, it always does.

Duggie 'he's more than a bit of an animal'



Lowcarb team member said...

More wind ups than a 'Grandfather clock enthusiast' convention I would say!

Whatever next? Lucozade perhaps?


Lowcarb team member said...

Careful Paul, you might get yourself banned LOL. Did you know Anna has the hots for Duggie. Not exactly a case of opposites attract eh. Both numskulls.

Duggie DCUK mod material if ever I saw it.