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Sunday 26 October 2014

DCUK Bonkers back and on the warpath !

"Yet another lets bash the NHS over the diet advice they give!!

Quite frankly I am sick of these threads on here, I think the NHS is fantastic, it has saved my life on more than one occasion so can we please stop these ridiculous NHS bashing threads just because they dont recommend the diet that some of you would like them too.

They may be underfunded by government but that is not their fault and no where in that Pulse article does it say that the NHS is going to make payments to their staff, which you wrongly state in the threads title" Sid  'AKA the enforcer' Bonkers posted here.

Whilst I agree the NHS is fantastic, it is universally accepted the food in hospitals is very mediocre at best. At its worst diabetics are being given high carb junk and most diabetics BG numbers worsen during a hospital stay. Also, the dietitians working for the NHS have made no improvements whatsoever in the fight against obesity and the often linked type two diabetes epidemics. Indeed, NHS staff appear to have obesity rates at least equal to the general population.

So, if NHS staff cannot get their weight and health under control what hope for the average Joe. As for the Bonkers one, great to see you back in full bonkers mode Sid. BTW I won't bang on today about all the junk food outfits that now operate in most of the NHS hospitals.



 Sids been having another rant Here

On the same thread the duplicitous cherub has got her jackboots on and is flexing her muscles.

As Sid's not averse to calling people trolls (SouthportGP) maybe the forum rules don't apply to him after all he is one of the clique as is the cherub.


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