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Tuesday 28 October 2014

DCUK Dr.Hilary Jones Q and A session rated a complete fiasco by the forum members !

Watching last night and reading comments by the members at the DCUK forum today, the Q and A session was an unmitigated disaster, arguably the biggest PR fail I have ever seen. One thing is for sure, It gave our blog a whole heap of material to comment on over the coming days. Many members were clearly disgusted with the performance of Doctor Hilary Jones and one member said 

"Just read the facebook. What a complete waste of time. Opportunity lost. Some very mealy mouthed answers. Just imagined it as Dr. H with two DCUK heavies sat either side of him saying "you can't say that, we'll lose money. Say this instead"

You have to wonder is the Doctor so inept or has he been briefed to stick to the outdated dogma that has lead to the early deaths of millions of diabetics around the world. The sort of dogma big pharma loves to propagate to keep the money rolling in. We know DCUK are working to align with big pharma as reported by the low carb team on the blog. The chances of DCUK bringing in someone like the Southport Doctor, Dr. Katharine Morrison or Doctor Jay Wortman is nil and would wreck the DCUK managements chances of making money.

In short, the whole debacle was the most ignominious failure so far in the history of the forum, it shows what a complete shambles the outfit is. If the place was a forum for tiddlywinks players or an Ibiza ravers club no harm would have been done, but this is a health forum, the forum that likes to say often we are 'The Largest Diabetes Forum In Europe" and as such is a profound disgrace. This morning the management, the administrator, most of the mods, and the long term small anti clique should be hanging their heads in shame, no-doubt they will be thinking last nights macabre pantomime was a success. Will it ever be thus?


Post edit. As of 10.55 am all five threads appertaining to last night Q and A session locked.

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