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Friday 17 October 2014

Taking on the Tom Naughton's of this world

  1. Most of you guys do a 180 every year or so, but hey, it brings in the punters eh Tom.
  2. Well, it's like this: Change your mind with new data, you're inconsistent. Don't change your mind, you're dogmatic.
  3. Tom a good healthy diet has been around for a very long time, it don't change every eighteen months. Ya folla ?


Lori Miller said...

What did he say about the paleo diet? The link doesn't work for me.

Lori Miller said...

Now that I'm home, I've read the article. So the Native Americans of the southwest were planting and harvesting neolithic foods and had herds of sheep and goats, but somehow they were hunter-gatherers? It's like saying truck drivers are paleo people because they're nomadic.

Michael Eades did a good comparison of agriculturalists v. hunter-gatherers in this blog post:

tess said...

Lori, he's been listening to audiobooks, including one on southwestern american "indians." Turns out, they ate vegetables, and since they did, why, EVERYBODY should! He's in Jaminet's camp, now. :-P I washed my hands of that guy a couple of years ago -- it's not that he's "deserted the LC cause" but because of his attitudes!

He's a naturally-lean male who does physical labor on his own farm -- OF COURSE he can eat plenty of carbs these days. But he seems to be narcissistic enough to feel that HIS experience is the norm, and should be what ALL of us follow. The hell with him.

Anonymous said...

You're a shit-stirring nutter, Eddie. Love your work.

Anonymous said...

You are Carbsane are both on the same page for pointing out the gurus inconsistencies err dietary evolution