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Monday 27 October 2014

DCUK on Facebook.

"We've reached 125,000 members on the forum - fantastic!

The forum is a great place for you to talk to other people with diabetes, ask questions and get support. Join free at and download the forum app for advice on the go:"

What they don't trumpet is the fact 99% of the members checked out years ago or have never posted in a very long time, if at all. As Giverny has gone to great lengths in recent days to state, the forum welcomes multiple accounts. The numbers look good on paper, but it's a smoke and mirrors job. 

Anyway, great to see the new forum resident diabetes expert Dr. Hilary Jones is 100% behind the the low carb and keto lifestyle as we have seen from his video. What that will do for the managements quest to tie in with big pharma one can only wonder at. But hey, thems the breaks.


BTW They have barred me from commenting on their Facebook site, whatever could the reason be ?

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