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Friday 10 July 2015

A photographer obviously pissed off HRH Prince Philip today !

Around ten years ago I photographed Prince Philip. I had heard he was extremely cantankerous and impatient. I was dreading the job, but it was a great afternoon. He turned up exactly on time, immaculately dressed and was charm itself. I took over a hundred pictures, each time I pressed the shutter I expected an outburst like one more picture and I will ram that camera where the sun don't shine, but I was wrong. He only had two body guards with him and they were very cool and laid back. One of my sons photographed Tony Blair years ago when he was PM, that was grief big time.

Anyway a photographer obviously pissed off HRH today. Luv it
 rofl  Eddie


Anonymous said...

Shootin', best post ever.

Either you've been in the sun too long again, or you need to cut down on the meds.

You're probably mixing up it with the time you tried to photocopy a tenner, hoping to get another wine box in!

Absolutely brilliant, bring on more of your rubbish.

Lowcarb team member said...

Anon what could be a more meaningless and cowardly life, than to post day after day, sometimes up to ten negative comments a day on this blog, as an anon. You hang on my every word, spending so much time posting your often long comments. Get some sort of life, I genuinely feel for you. Clearly you are a very lonely person, I suspect with no partner, family or friends.

Just for the record I keep well away from wine boxes, photocopiers went out with the ark, and my only diabetes medication during my seven years plus with type two diabetes is 2 x 500mg Metformin.

Try to turn over a new leaf, maybe get a pet or a hobby, maybe join a few clubs and socialize more. It's never too late to start living.

Have a nice weekend.

Regards Eddie

Anonymous said...

Guess we are all entitled to get pissed off, but choice of word could have been better :(

Lowcarb team member said...

Any suggestions? Just asking.


Anonymous said...

Was it to much to just ask the photographer to get on with it :(

Anonymous said...

And we're back!

'Look at me, someone is watching me!'

Go Shootin'!!!!!

We're behind you 100%, don't let Dumber block you again!

Lowcarb team member said...


"And as you can see, no-one at all likes your rubbish"

My website,uk and the blogs and forum I started, have received well over two million page views, what have you achieved anonymous hide in the shadows troll?

We post under our real names and our real mug shots, while you skulk in the shadows, petrified to post even under an anonymous forum name, can there be a lower form of human life?

Me and Jan have six wonderful kids, and five fantastic grandchildren, and we are so very proud of them, and post up their progress and pictures often.

I am sorry this causes you such anguish and pain, but like I said, it is never too late to live a life.

All the best.


Anonymous said...

Shootin' Blanks -

Reeled in, landed, and gutted.

(Good support from Dumber there)

Lowcarb team member said...


Chuffed to see you are spending every minute of your life reading our blog, sincere thanks. I trust you have learned a great deal.

Have a great weekend.

BTW for the next few days your comments will be deleted. I live in hope you will have something meaningful to say.


Lowcarb team member said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Eddie why do you publish the trolls garbage this person is obviously mentally ill."

Good question. The way I see it is why they are stalking me, they are not stalking people via the PM system on a large diabetes forum. This person is well known to us and a highly dangerous individual. Banned from the said forum on numerous occasions, and as you say, very clearly mentally ill.


Lowcarb team member said...

@’Shootin Blanks’ said…

Eddie, best post ever.

Either you've been in the sun too long again, or you need to cut down on the meds.

On just two metformin a day Eddie is not on a high meds regime unlike some on your poor excuse of a forum "Dapaglitflozin 5mg, 38 Units of Humulin and 4 x 500mg Metformin".

But hey you must approve of a high meds regime seeing you have not tried to help the poor guy.

By the way your last comment that I've just deleted stated no one knows Eddie existed at DCUK is so wrong as his posts as fasteddie are oft quoted by other forum members, still I don't expect you have the nous to be able find that out yourself.

I have heard that you, bonkers and knobhead are doing a tribute act to the Three Stooges, sounds good to me you three have all the attributes to emulate them.

Now off you go Frau Cherub is in need of her jackboots licking clean.

Love and hugs
Graham xxx

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

It looks like you've got your own troll hanging around your site. Take it as a compliment. It shows how popular your blog is :) But don't enable a troll by replying to the comments. Troll like to get us all riled up; that's their drug. So if you just ignore them, eventually they go away.

Carla from The River said...

LOL - thank you for sharing.
That is cool you took photos of him and he was cool with it. You must have been good at your job. Well Done!!

Lowcarb team member said...

’Shootin’ Blanks’ said…

Ah Graham, having to jump in to save Eddie. All deleted, nothing left, as if poor Eddie simply never existed.

Just one of many: fasteddie @DCUK

Take care ’Shootin’ those bullet holes in your feet could turn gangrenous.

Love and hugs sweetie
Graham xxx