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Sunday 19 July 2015

DCUK Let’s get the facts straight ! part 1

We get up to ten highly negative anonymous comments a day from trolls and complete halfwits, almost all are not authorised and deleted. Occasionally we get an anonymous negative comment that warrants a full explanation,  hence this thread.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "DCUK "Still going round in circles" and that's a f...":

“Funny isn't it you complain and ridicule anyone who uses insulin and or a pump and complain that no one praises the LCHF dieters.

Yet you are guilty of the same crime. Did you mention on your vile blog that one of those that you take great delight in running down has achieved 50 years on insulin with no complications?”

Funny isn't it you complain and ridicule anyone who uses insulin and or a pump”

Nothing could be further from the truth. We have stated countless times on forums and blogs we credit our excellent control seven years on to a type one insulin using diabetic called Fergus Craig. Fergus introduced us to the work of type one diabetic Dr. Richard Bernstein, who we believe is the world's foremost expert on blood glucose control. For some time we have linked in our sidebar an excellent blog dedicated to a type one diabetic on a pump. We applaud anyone that gets good control of their diabetes, whatever method they employ.

“and complain that no one praises the LCHF dieters”

Again, a complete falsehood. We have stated many times at the DCUK forum almost all the success has been by way for low carb and posted links to the forum regarding the good news. Always these good news comments at the forum are accompanied by congratulatory posts. There has never been a shortage of good news and congratulations re. low carb at the forum.

“Yet you are guilty of the same crime. Did you mention on your vile blog that one of those that you take great delight in running down has achieved 50 years on insulin with no complications?”

I have mentioned on many occasions, a small group of highly destructive members of the DCUK forum. I presume the fifty years on Insulin user you mention is the member formerly known as SarahQ and now posts as CarbsRock. Let’s look at some facts regarding SarahQ aka CarbsRock.

This individual when posting as SarahQ worked overtime to rubbish and ridicule low carb diabetics. Some of her more antagonistic comments “I fill my face with carbs” “I will burn my Bernstein Books to supplement my winter fuel bills” “a balanced diet is a cake in each hand” Those sort of remarks would and have indeed had many members banned, but the Management thought fit to make this Woman a moderator, albeit subsequently fired from the mods job in disgrace. According to the then forum Administrator, in a phone call I had with him some years ago, SarahQ spent three days deleting over 2000 of her own many negative posts. She re-joined the forum under the name of CarbsRock and again deleted many of her early posts.

During her days as a forum mod and in league with other members at the DCUK forum (some are current moderators) she went out of her way to get members banned, almost all low carbers. I will have much to say about these individuals in other posts, and go onto give a full explanation for why I believe (as do many others) the forum is corrupt and why this small group of highly destructive individuals control the forum to the present day.



Back in January 2014 a thread started by academicdiabetic, link "recent insulin study" in reference to a study about the high rates of mortality for Types 2's using insulin. Seeing the thread was concerning T2 it would seem some of the T1 fraternity took it on themselves to try and disprove it even though as the OP said it was dose dependent which of course means the higher the insulin dose the more risk involved. If you read the thread you can see some of contributors are the very destructive members Eddie refers too. There are others of course that fully understood the dangers of high insulin doses in T2 dillinger and smidge were among them.

Links cited in the thread:1)

 2)   3)

If you check out the above links  they are classed a scaremongering by a nondiabetic Administrator who's barely out of her teens, makes me suspect she was put up to by one or more of the T1 contributors.



Galina L. said...

When a diabetic who is staffing her/his face is a hero on a national diabetic blog, what else to expect from defenders but irrational anger. People usually get angry when they have nothing logical to say.

Lowcarb team member said...

Hi Galina

What makes me want to puke, is the fact these people have had it all, top medical professionals, insulin, many with pumps, test strips etc, costing the NHS a huge amount of money. Yet these same people run down and bad mouth the only way so many diabetics can get to safe BG levels, and many type two diabetics cannot even get free testing strips on a NHS free prescription and can only dream of ever being advised by a diabetes expert.


Galina L. said...

It is important to get your expenses covered, but often the most expensive medical treatment doesn't provide people with the best result. I still remember the girl with D1, my son's school friend, who was on an insulin pump and grew very obese.

Lowcarb team member said...

Sorry number one retarded, carb and drug addicted troll, your posts deemed to be too puerile to be authorised. Please put in a lot more effort, if you want your rants to be approved.

Thank you.


Launna said...

I think it is sad when someone comments without knowing the whole truth... now I don't proclaim to know the whole truth but I do understand that eating healthy and nutricious food will help you to feel better.

That is just common sense ... I know it has changed my life... it's sad when others refuse to see the truth..

Lowcarb team member said...

Thanks Launna.