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Wednesday 8 July 2015

DCUK No Lazarus return for Kman.

After being banned at the forum of flog for having the temerity to comment on the mods, Kman was terminated last week. But in a Lazarus moment yesterday, he returned from the grave. But alas for Kman, the resurrection was short lived. I suspect much to the relief of the few sane flog readers left, the Management swiftly re-sealed the door to his padded cell.

With Kman unable to croak his doom and gloom, and continue his crazy “Munchausen's via the internet” stunts, the forum ceased to be of any use to the Kman and today's rant was clearly a blow your own brains out moment. Kman will undoubtedly return, whether he has any use for next years calendar remains to be seen. He did join the humble Low carb diabetic forum, but when you have performed at the Albert Hall, Thommo's Bar is one hell of a come down. 

Hat tip to the DCUK forum member for the screen shot. 


1 comment:

Gail said...

So sad to hear he's giving up a lot.