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Tuesday 21 July 2015

DCUK Over at the forum of flog Sid is barking again.

Sid (the enforcer) Bonkers is back in full mad dog mode at the forum of flog. Sid has a highly entrenched phobia about consuming healthy fats, the fats man has ate since the beginning of time.

"Well so far I can see that only those who advocate lchf have answered and there lies the truth if you care to look for it it, IMO those who follow this type of diet can only see the good in it and will disregard any evidence to the contrary, it has been reported many times on this and other forums that a lchf diet will increase insulin resistance and there are many posts here telling of lc'ers saying that the smallest amount of carbs sends their bg levels into orbit or words to that effect, I see this as being counter productive to a condition that is caused by insulin resistance, of course you must believe what you want to."

Perhaps Sid could post up links to studies proving an increase in healthy fats leads to increased insulin resistance in a diabetic. Just because Sid believes this and has ranted this for years, does not make it true. Perhaps Sid could tell us why the many low carbers we know from the early days of the flog, have not increased diabetic medications in over seven years, some still on zero meds. If our insulin resistance had increased, we would require an uplift in meds to maintain our non diabetic BG numbers, clearly this has not been the case. 

"There have been studies that say that certain fats can cause insulin resistance but these are all rubbished by the lchf fraternity as far as I can see where as everything claimed on lc blogs and those who's living is made from selling diet books is immediately believed and becomes part of the lc folf lore, things like we only started eating grains 10,000 years ago which is not the case and was proven recently when an autopsy was performed on an early man that was discovered and found to have grains in his stomach clearly proving that man was eating grains for a much longer period. I dont have the dates but Im sure google will find it if you chose to disbelieve me."

It maybe a person in the Rift Valley ate grains millions of years ago, who gives a monkeys? What is known is that farming and cultivating crops began during the agricultural revolution around ten thousand years ago, in mans evolutionary terms, this is next to no time at all.

"Another lc myth is that we were designed to eat a diet high in fat but if that was true why would our bodies look for carbs to turn to glucose before fat? No one can deny that yet still the myth is repeated that a lchf diet is what we we should all be eating."

It escapes Sid us diabetics cannot eat a high carb diet, he talks as if we have a choice. Lost calories due to a stiff reduction in carbs must be made up, we choose healthy fats, as there are limitations to how much protein is desirable or affordable to eat, also protein can turn to approximately 50% glucose. We have to eat protein to live, but best not overdone for us controlling our diabetes by way of diet, exercise, and minimal/zero meds.

"I could go on and on but it is highly unlikely that anyone who supports the lchf way of life will believe a word I post s whats the point which is why I no longer post much here any more despite being extremely well controlled and having lost weight and maintained that weight loss for over 6 years."

I agree 100% Sid, I don't believe much of what you say, and not posting much does everyone on the forum a favour. You contribute nothing in the way of helping or encouraging other diabetics. No links to useful information, no recipes or food ideas, no good news, just one long anguished scream about saturated and other healthy fats. You swallowed the NHS dietary bullshit hook, line and sinker and can't admit the science has moved on.

"One other thing to bear in mind is that there are a lot of members here who advocate a lchf diet despite it not working for them in the short or long term, often these members will recommend lchf for weight loss while being unable to lose weight themselves!!"

For most weight was not the primary reason for low carbing, indeed many diabetics do not need to lose weight, control of BG was the reason for starting, weight loss is often an added bonus. Clearly even though some people are low carbing, far too many calories will not help with weight loss wherever the calories come from.

"All the above is just my opinion yet I will be attacked for it both here and elsewhere, on that you can rely, any evidence or studies undertaken that lc is not the be and end all of diabetic control is always ignored by those who follow this way of life however any myth printed in a book or a blog is always believed."

While you keep posting lies and misinformation Sid, I will keep posting the truth.

"I will yet again be labelled a hater and an anti yet it is the hard core lchf evangelists who are the real haters and antis as they are anti anything that is not lchf to the point of disbelieving that there is more than one way to control diabetes where as I dont attack those who follow a lchf diet I just dont agree with it especially the high fat and very low carb part as I believe it is counter productive to reducing insulin resistance, and having an opinion is not being anti or a hater that comes from those who cant hear a word spoken against what they see as an evangelistic campaign to promote their diet."

Low carb higher fat works for almost all Sid, your forum members tell us this almost every day of the week. The modern science backs us up and increasingly Scientists and Medical Professionals all over the world are agreeing with us low carb Zealots. Anyway Sid, you stick to your cornflakes and semi-skimmed milk, chocolate biscuits and Celebration chocolates, us low carbers will stick to whole fresh food home-cooked.

You know it makes sense Sid, why do you fight it? 

Link to the Bonkers one here.



Phoenix has stuck her oar in and put a curse on us (a plague on all your houses) well I suppose they've tried else to shut us up so why not a bit of witchcraft LOL


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dumb and Dumber, I guess your cherry picking makes you happy here too.

It looks like LCHF is well and truly in the decline out there.

Newcastle diet, diabetes in remission, and a decent diet afterwards, stated by all as the way forward.
Day after day, complete success stories, and even the old guard trying, switching, and admitting they never liked fat.

Just you two left, the only ones with no self restraint, desperately trying to convince each other lack of will power isn't bad, and diabetes can never be cured, so no point in ever making an effort.

Maybe that's another reason they have a 'Live Forum', you have a 'Dead Forum'