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Friday 17 July 2015

You only ever notice a man is bald once, unless he wears a wig.

The same goes for an overweight person. Unfortunately the media never let up on the overweight person. The term, which I personally hate is obese, to me it is derogatory and hateful. During my life time we have moved on from the jokes about the Black Man, Jews and Homosexuals, but the fat man or women is still a common target. The reality is the negative stereo typing of people regarding race, colour or religion was always based on prejudice, ignorance and irrational fear.

Imagine having a heart attack and being rushed to a casualty hospital, would you care if the medics were Black, Jewish or overweight? get my drift? it would not cross your mind. No sane person would believe the average person goes out of their way to become heavily overweight, but like the Black person, the Jew, the Gay person, we are what we are.

Clearly, for so many losing weight is extremely difficult, the person that comes up with a 100% successful way for all people who want to lose weight, would become so rich he or she would be sending welfare parcels to Bill Gates.

So, I say to the heavily overweight person, cut yourselves some slack. People only ever notice once, and only a bigoted fool and coward, with their own fears and prejudice, would ever make any mileage out of the situation.



Gail said...

The sad thing is a lot of unhealthy weights are directly related to the cost of food. Anything that says organic is three times the price in our area. Fresh food is much higher than processed food, too.

A friend and I were stopped at a gas station. A girl walked by and from my view she wasn't too heavy but my friend says, Isn't that pitiful? I responded quickly and said she wasn't that heavy. She said, No, she's pregnant and I feel sorry for her in this heat. Of course my friend had just had a medical procedure where they put her to sleep and she wasn't fully herself yet.

What bothers me is there are many children here that worry about fat and are not an unhealthy weight. Television, I think, has a lot to do with the image we think we should be.

Have a wonderful evening.

Anonymous said...

Agree television and magazines do not always help the young to see the REAL picture.
Whereas eating REAL food is always better.

Lowcarb team member said...

Thank you Gail and Ted for your thoughts and comments.