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Tuesday 7 July 2015

Another six things you need to know about the Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) dietary / lifestyle approach (Part 2)

In a previous article 6 key elements of LCHF were highlighted plus some low carb myths were cleared up and some confusion dealt with / discussed. Here is the second installment in Julia McPhee's ‘myth busting and clarification’ series:


"1. There is life after carbs:
There are some foods that you will need to give up, however the benefits you will notice from giving these foods up will far out weigh the withdrawal symptoms you might suffer. Many people I talk to about LCHF struggle to give up bread (for some it’s the deal breaker), however most also realise after a bread0free week, they no longer feel bloated and gassy. There are plenty of fantastic LCHF recipe options on the internet, available anywhere at any time.

2. You can enjoy a healthy social life on LCHF:
You can enjoy a glass of wine with friends, but here’s why it is good to cut down; it is very likely that the food choices you make while you are drinking and the next day will be dubious at best. You will always feel good the following day when you have stayed true to your LCHF food choices:
Hints – Drink soda water out of a wine glass so that no one knows you are drinking less
Add soda water to your wine, it’s a refreshing option and will ensure you drink less and stay hydrated
Eat some low carb snacks before you go out so you are not tempted to snack on high carb options
Take you own snacks – your friends will be pleasantly surprised at how good LCHF snacks can be!

3.What’s the story with fruit?
Many people struggle with the concept of giving up fruit. While it is a good idea to give up fruit completely when you first embark on LCHF, a serving of fruit occasionally is a great addition to this way of eating. Avoid bananas and if possible stick to this rule; ‘what’s in season, within reason’. In our ancestor’s time, fruit that dropped from the trees in the late summer was an important food source to get them through a long and possibly food-scarce winter. We don’t have ‘food-scarce’ winters any more – you won’t go hungry this winter, I promise!!

4. You won’t get bad breath:
Unless you go very low carb (actually ketogenic) you won’t get bad breath. If you do, it will be short-lived so don’t use this as an excuse, your health is more important than that
5. Your friends will very likely follow your lead and either fully or partly take on the LCHF way of eating
One of the most rewarding elements of LCHF is watching your family and friends make positive changes to their lifestyle as a result of your example

Therefore you owe it to your friends to make some changes and embark on the LCHF lifestyle!

And lastly – back where we started.

6. LCHF is not a ‘fad’ diet that will be replaced by a new ‘fad’ diet next year
The LCHF approach includes a range of fresh, unprocessed foods. There is nothing faddish or unnatural about this way of eating. Furthermore it is a way of eating that is sustainable and able to be continued throughout all life stages if this is what you choose to do (and you should).

Please share this post with those around you who need to make some changes in their lives. Many of us are in a life stage (over 40) where we really don’t have the time to put our health second any longer. Some small changes can make a big difference."

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I do hope you've found both these articles interesting and helpful, thanks for taking the time to read them.

Julia's Blog can be found here

All the best Jan


Anonymous said...

Both parts 1 and 2 have been an informative read.


Lowcarb team member said...

Hello Nona, and many thanks for your comment, very pleased to hear you find them informative.
They have both received a high number of reads ... which I hope everyone has found of interest and help.

All the best Jan