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Thursday 7 August 2014

DCUK the forum of flog ! Bonkers comes out of coma !

"IMHO the forum has gone from a broadsheet to a comic in the last few years. It is now all about selling products to its membership base, hence the total lack of moderation nowadays, you cant chastise or ban people or you upset the sales figures." Sid Bonkers Here.

This site is fast becoming a poor resource unless you to play word games, waste time responding to trolls and one hit wonders who post such spurious claims and posts. I have never come across a forum where I have had to put so many members on ignore. I also belong to a forum that often has over 5000 active users at any one time and I have not had to put any users on ignore there. Anteater2012 Here.

How ironic Sid has finely woken up to the fact, the DCUK forum is all about exploiting the members list as a marketing tool. With the exception of mod Ian, who rarely posts these days, who can blame him, the remaining mods are no more than ballast, in the keel of a sinking ship. Running up thousands of posts on word games, and a copy and paste job, to long out of date dangerous information. 

I am in total agreement with Sid, the forum is a comic, compared to its former greatness. Of course Sid and his chums, have had a very big influence in taking the forum down. Phoenix, the Cherub and Nobblyhead, aided and abetted by bent mods, set the rot in place years ago.

Who will ever forget the almost instant banning of Dr Jay Wortman. Jay is a medical doctor, a low carb expert and a type two diabetic, gold dust to any diabetes forum. Sid the 'enforcer' and his clique 'we own the forum' was only to happy to railroad Jay off the forum. The clique have got countless people banned or bullied them off the forum. Don't ever forget they see it as 'their forum' and what I can see of it these days, their welcome to it.


Post edit. Came in as a comment, says it all I reckon.

This will tell you what DCUK is all about.

Diabetics seem to be sitting ducks when it comes to advertising. The gullible amongst us will believe all the marketing campaigns put forward by DCUK. You have to understand that they are a business and rely on advertising to get the punters in.

They have upped their campaign and now advertise in newspapers, using forum members to create a story and then they take the credit, use Hilary Jones as a poster boy, have stopped moderating the forum as it leads to disagreements and that is not what they want their image to portray

Still some good threads on there but you have to sift through the dross. 


Mo said...

Me and Mr Bonkers never always saw eye to eye but he is absolutely spot on here ! I tip my hat to ya Sid ;-)

Lowcarb team member said...

I see Paul has been kicking butt.

"I've got a contribution for the Word game..."Sort this place out"