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Tuesday 12 August 2014

DCUK The son of Kman saga continues !

"Thank you for your kind response, Jojo. I am glad you have had the chance of a good life with children to bless this world. I've chose not to have children because I do not wish for them to inherit my curse. But perhaps, that's also because I don't think I'll be able to find a partner with how quiet I am and my inability to provide due to unemployment."

BTW The same sort of stuff is being posted here.

Can someone give this guy a reality check ? Steve Redgrave won Olympic gold medals as a diabetic. Soldiers return from war minus their legs and climb mountains. This guy says he is 21, get a grip lad and stop whining ! I know, you are thinking you callous SOB Eddie. The fact is a 'certain character' shows up every few months with the same MO and people get suckered in.

If I am wrong come and kick my butt, and I'll give the guy a crash course in karate and a good pep talk. I see a good future for this bloke, at RADA. It was different when I was a lad I can tell ya ! Outside Karsi and a bowl of gruel if you were lucky. No wonder I ended up a diabetic, I was up chimneys before I was knee high to a grasshopper. Kids today eh.



Gwen said...

Well, thank God my mom and dad didn't feel that way! My dad's only sister died very early (40's? 50's?) from diabetes...she was morbidly obese her whole life. My dad, a recovered beer alcoholic, developed Type 2 in his 60's, and also died too young (70's) from diabetes. I'm almost 63, and yeah, no, no diabetes. Being primal, ain't never gonna happen. Something else will get me.

Anonymous said...

He can't be very good at using google or he would have found a lot more forums to tell his tale of woe.
Amazing how people suck up to attention seekers.

Best to ignore him as you could get banned for what any sensible person would reply.

Anonymous said...

He has generated so much interest that the thread is now on Page 8. When will the same people learn that they are being sucked in? They didn't see it with kman and they are not seeing it with this one.

Lowcarb team member said...

It's enough to bring a lump to my trousers and I don't mean the front !