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Saturday 16 August 2014

Douglas99 has the fat ex copper that used to be a mod resurfaced ?

As each day passes old Duggie is looking more like "the fat ex cop that used to be a mod" the one and only Cugila aka Kenny boy aka far too many names to mention. If Duggie is not Ken then he is a clone. The same lunacy, the same morbid fear of fat, the statin pushing and today, he is on the salt warpath. Many will remember it was Kens madcap ideas on salt that got corrected by Dr. Jay Wortman, that got Jay banned for the first time, within 24 hours of joining the DCUK forum. Others will also remember because of the Jay banning fiasco, the mad mod had his exit visa issued, courtesy of Graham and myself, with some added help from Jimmy Moore.

So, a quick re-cap, after three years Duggie is happy to be running + 10 on his BG meter. After stopping taking statins his lipids have gone down the crapper, and he is back on statins. He is giving salt a kicking, but pot noodles and other high salt failed science experiments appear to be part of his daily diet.

Even a lobotomised monkey can see this dross from Duggie is a big wind up, how the admin and mods can't see it is beyond me, but then again, maybe I can. What this comedy routine is doing for the newly diagnosed and long term out of control, can only be guessed at. But hey, Duggie is having fun eh.


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