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Friday 15 August 2014

It Wasn't Me !

Well, what a great summer it's turning out to be, new projects on the go, new people to meet, family to see, friends get together's over a coffee ...what more could you ask for?

I cannot believe how quickly the day, months and this year is going. Out shopping and there are Christmas Cards for sale. I bought a magazine and Christmas Pantomimes are being advertised ....and NO I haven't bought any tickets yet!

All the supermarkets have the 'back to school' gear on sale....I know there are parents who can't wait until their kids are back at school. I always looked forward to the summer holidays when my children were at home and we could enjoy 'things together' ......who knows some of 'mums things' may not have been their idea - but to me, it worked ok.

The children now keep our grandchildren quite active. I say quite active because there is still a need for us all to 'blob out' do our own thing have our daydreams, our quiet time or whatever expression you may like to use. 

If things went wrong or some-one may have been 'naughty' Gordon the Garden Gnome could sometimes be blamed! What a character Gordon was. He used to sit quite innocently in the garden and then creep in and make a mess .....of course he could also be a well behaved gnome and help out (when required) to put toys, books away when needed.

Oh the innocence of youth.
We must treasure it - surely?

Our outlook on life is what we make it.
What we do, what we say, what we eat, what we teach our kids ....that is what makes our future. 

We can't always blame Gordon the Garden Gnome for our mistakes. 

As an adult we must all take responsibility for our ourselves, our family, our health.

Without health - where are we?

Thanks for reading ....any thoughts most welcome.

All the best Jan

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