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Friday 22 August 2014

Duggies Daily Diary day three.

Gawd strewth what a day yesterday, the infestation geezer turned up from the council looking like a worker from Fukushima, reckoned he's never seen so many fleas in all his life. Anyway top tucker last night, a bit like those low carb wacko's eat, pate, crab, and a cooked breakfast this morning. I have to level with ya, I'm beginning to think all that shite from Sid and portion control junk was a bit of a wind up.

I've gone wrong big time with the missus, she reckons I should flog me tripe out renovating old houses and make a few quid, that way she can retire. I have got to admit, since I have been working away from home she has never looked so happy. She reckons I should look for a few gaffs in outer Mongolia to do up, is she trying to tell me sumfinck or what? Wimmin eh.

Duggie back tomorrow with even more interesting stuff.

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