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Friday 29 August 2014

DCUK Quote of the day !

"To my surprise, he said the NHS advice was all wrong, that recent studies are saying a lower carb, higher fat diet is better for BG control and weight loss, both in the long and short term. He says he can't understand why things haven't changed in the NHS yet, but seems to think they will as more and more studies with larger sample groups are being published. He said the eat well plate was a load of tosh! He also said fats have been demonised and we should all be eating more of them...yay, I'll go get me some cheese.


A DCUK member talking about her meeting with a dietitian that is up to speed with the best way to control diabetes, not to be confused with so many at the BDA.

BTW who worked overtime for years flogging the lamentable eat well plate to their members, you've guessed folks, those caring sharing guys and gals running the forum of flog. Oh dear, don't ya just luv it !

This way to the shop expensive Frisbee's if you want my opinion.



Wiflib said...

Thirty nicker for a fucking plate!?
These are a perfect example of enabling folk to not take control of their own health and as for targeting children, I really do think I can't find the words.

Bunch of wankers.

Lowcarb team member said...


Don't beat about the bush, if you think DCUK are exploiting people just say so. LOL


wiflib said...

Sorry Ed, didn't I make myself clear?